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What is personal training? - price and effects

Personal training is more popular day by day, but not everyone knows what it's all about, what to expect and what to expect. How do personal and personal trainings look like and it is worthwhile to go to a professional? What is personal training? Personal training is a one-on-one activity with a qualified trainer. It usually takes about an hour. First, however, you...

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Strength training for women

​ Strength training is not only for men. Women can and should also do exercises such as: barbell squats or dead string. Strength exercises not only perfectly shape the figure...

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What basketball shoes?

People who spend every free moment in sports know how important it is to adapt shoes to the type of physical activity. What are the rules when buying basketball shoes? You...

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All about magnetic bands.

​ Many people who would like to exercise intensively in the gym complain about problems with wrists and joints. When the treatment does not produce the expected results, they...

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Fashionable squash

Squash is played not only by wealthy businessmen from big cities. Sport practiced with a partner in a glass cage is also becoming more and more popular among Polish stars...

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