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What is remarketing all about?

Every website owner would like to be visited by a large group of people. Many people also want users to convert. Unfortunately, it often turns out that for some reason, Internet users, at some point in time, leave our service and for example: they did not take the last step while shopping online.

What is remarketing?

This is one of the tools related to Google AdWords advertising. Remarketing consists in collecting data about users who have visited our portal. On their basis, remarketing lists are created, thanks to which it is possible to send messages tailored to the recipient. For example, if a person resigns from a purchase just before the process is complete, we may display an advertisement that reminds them about our product for a period of time. Everything is based on so-called cookies, which have become very popular for some time now.

Step by step

Remarketing we can start with an AdWords account. It will be necessary to configure it in order to obtain a so-called remarketing tag. We need to put the code on our website. It is important to place it on each subpage, only then it will work properly. If we are not sure if the whole process has been completed correctly, let's use the Tag Assistant. The next steps are to create lists and finally launch a remarketing campaign.

A lot of advantages

People using remarketing point to its numerous advantages. First of all, advertising messages reach a properly specified target group. We do not have to worry that it will be seen by people who are not interested in our service. This way we have a better chance that the user will convert and, for example, buy our product or complete the form. It is also important that we can include the most important information about the service, including its price, in the content of the advertisement, which may encourage the potential customer to purchase the service.

Remarketing is only one of many possibilities of online marketing. It is very often chosen especially by the owners of online stores. Thanks to it, we will quickly and effectively reach people who have already visited our website and have shown a willingness to convert.

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