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What are the benefits of practising combat sports?

Combat sports are becoming increasingly popular not only among men, but also among women and children. The number of sports clubs where activities for fans of this sport are organized is growing.

The cultivation of martial arts has many advantages. One of the most obvious is the possibility of regular physical activity, and we all know how important it is for our body and health. Lack of exercise leads to obesity and many other diseases.

Regular sporting activities, including martial arts, keep you healthy and in good shape. Intensive workouts clearly improve your physical condition, while having a positive effect on your figure. Combat sports develop the muscles of all parts of the body. They improve motor coordination, efficiency and endurance of the body.

Martial arts is a great way to fight stress. It is also a great escape from everyday duties and problems. Training in combat sports has a very positive effect on the self-esteem of the person practicing this sport, adds self-confidence, helps to get rid of complexes.

Combat sports are usually associated with enormous effort, often also with pain, which in turn teaches self-discipline, shapes a strong will, allows you to gain a distance to the surrounding reality. Individuals practicing combat sports acquire the ability to defend themselves.

Is it worthwhile to save your child for martial arts?

Childhood is the best time to start your adventure with combat sports. Parents often, however, have doubts as to which martial arts the child should be enrolled in and which sports club should be chosen. One often hears about the division of martial arts into "captured" and "struck".

In the "grasped" martial arts (judo, wrestling, sumo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo sport) no kicks or blows are used, but throws, sometimes suffocation and levers are used. In "hit" martial arts (karate, boxing, kick-boxing, taekwon-do, muay thai) punches and kicks are allowed. The decision to choose a martial art should be carefully thought through.

Before enrolling a child in classes, it is best to get to know the teacher, talk to him/her and present all your doubts. Fighting sports don't involve too much spending. These expenses consist of a monthly fee for the classes, the outfit, the belt, and any additional accessories, e.g.: the seat belt, the seat belt, the seat belt, the seat belt, the seat belt. gymnastics mattress.

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