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Sports camera on bicycle - what to choose?

Do you like cycling and want to document your travels? Or maybe you drive around the city and want to have a camera so that in case of a collision you can have a film with evidence? There are many different models of sports cameras available at the moment, which are perfect for this role. What should we pay attention to?

When choosing a sports camera, we should take into account its parameters, namely resolution, number of grilles, sound quality, but also the quality of the housing and the way of mounting the camera.

Frame rate and resolution

Of course, the more frames and the higher resolution, the better, because then we will be able to register much more. Currently, the hit is the 4k sports camera, which provides recording at a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

More frames per second will make your movie more realistic. Usually higher frame rates apply to lower resolutions than 4k, so we should pay attention to precise parameters.

Additional functions

Sports cameras are really versatile recording devices - more and more manufacturers also allow them to be used as car cameras, webcams or cameras.

Additional functions should be adjusted to our needs - motion detection, delayed recording, recording in a loop, automatic image orientation, parking mode are just a few of the proposals.

How do I attach a camera when riding a bike?

As cycling is dynamic, we should also remember that the camera should be properly stabilized. Most cyclists decide to mount the camera on themselves, for example on their breasts using a special holder or on their helmet - in sets with cameras we usually find also helmet holders.

Mounting the camera on the steering wheel is especially useful when driving on flat roads - otherwise the camera will be exposed to shocks during driving.

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