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What is personal training? - price and effects

Personal training is more popular day by day, but not everyone knows what it's all about, what to expect and what to expect. How do personal and personal trainings look like and it is worthwhile to go to a professional?

What is personal training?

Personal training is a one-on-one activity with a qualified trainer. It usually takes about an hour. First, however, you should have a conversation with a trainer who will adapt the diet and exercises to the person. The trainer learns about the client's physical condition, injuries, diseases and training and food preferences. You don't usually pay for the first consultations, only when you have established a training plan you have to pay a certain amount of money.

Personal training and the price

There's a rumor that only rich people can afford personal training. At first, customers do not understand why they should use a personal trainer. In their opinion, it is simply a gym instructor who helps with exercises. However, working as a personal trainer means much more responsibilities and requirements.

In addition to the knowledge about using machines and weights in the gym, the personal trainer also needs to know about different training methods, anatomy, biomechanics and physiology of effort and dietetics if it is included in their services. A good personal trainer is one who cares about the client's health and does not harm him/her. The work of a trainer is more than an hour at a gym, it is also his knowledge, experience and continuous training. Visits to the doctor or relaxation treatments in the SPA cost a lot. It is worth considering whether it is better to use the services of a personal trainer and act preventively on your body than to treat it later. The price of personal training is the cost of several dozen to even several hundred zlotys. It all depends on the qualifications of the trainer, the time he has to devote to the client and the place where the exercises are to take place. Usually, longer cooperation means lower price per hour. Finally, you have to wait for the effects, so buying a ski pass is cheaper.

Gym or personal training?

It is believed that a gym ticket is better than a personal trainer because it is cheaper. However, there is a catch. Although the gym is cheaper, you will have to wait much longer for the effects. Moreover, while exercising alone you have no idea about the training methods, suitable for us exercises, so that they would bring the desired effect. It can take months or even years (and a lot of money at the same time) to reach the desired goal. Unless, in the meantime, you give up your gym for holidays or other entertainment.

Comparing the price of a gym ticket with an individual training with a trainer in a short period of time, it appears that the gym is cheaper. However, given the long period of time that is enough to achieve your dream goal, personal training is cheaper. In a shorter time you get the same effects as if you were practicing in the gym yourself.

Personal training

Personal training - effects of working with the area and on one's own

Training or exercises are tailored especially to your needs, preferences, future effect and interests. Your personal trainer will pay attention to your daily schedule and your physical and mental health. As a fitness instructor, I know that group activities are always very vague. You have to wait a very long time for any effects. In addition, the personal trainer will provide valuable food advice that will speed up the achievement of the goal. A good personal trainer will take care of you even if your training is over. Call or write to us at any time of day or night in case of any doubts. He will advise you what to do, why, and to motivate you and give you hope for a better tomorrow. In addition, personal training is a kind of motivation in itself. It's hard to give up if you know someone's waiting somewhere.

Personal training is based on the client's day schedule, and the trainer will get up early in the morning if necessary, even if it is to be 5:00 a.m. or stay up to late night just to have a training session with the client. In the end, you won't have to worry that you won't make it to the class in time or enter it during the class or at the end, which in a way is pointless. The personal trainer has been gaining and still is gaining knowledge and experience for several years. It is specially passed on to customers so that the service they receive is of the best quality. Even on a worse day, a personal trainer will motivate the client to continue with the exercises and not to give up his dream goal instead of agreeing to resign.

If you decide to buy another gym ticket, it is worth stopping for a while and think whether the knowledge you have is sufficient and will lead you to your destination? Perhaps it is better to devote yourself to a personal trainer who will positively affect not only the physical condition of the client, but also work on the psyche? Finally, in order to be happy, both states must be in good shape.

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