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What basketball shoes?

People who spend every free moment in sports know how important it is to adapt shoes to the type of physical activity. What are the rules when buying basketball shoes? You will find the answer below.

Game style and type of footwear

Before you start watching the models of basketball shoes available in the store (Under Armour, Nike), you should define your own style of play. Let us stop for a moment at this point.

There are three types of players in basketball:

1) fast players - this style of play is based primarily on speed. Freedom of movement is important here, so it's good to have shoes that are lightweight;

2) power players - players often have a close reaction with the opponent. They're not too focused on the speed of the game;

3) all around player - these players often change direction during the game.

Once we have determined which style of play is closest to our needs, we can start choosing shoes. Players who prefer speed should buy lighter models, which will not restrict their freedom of movement, and at the same time ensure good adhesion to the ground. Fast Player shoes should also be flexible and guarantee good cushioning.

With the needs of strength players in mind, models have been developed that provide good foot stability, especially in the ankle joint. This type of shoe is called high-tops. They are a bit heavier than the models for fast-paced players, but they're great for anyone who can call themselves a power player.

For mixed style enthusiasts, on the other hand, the ideal footwear for them is one that gives them freedom of movement on the one hand and reduces the risk of multiple injuries on the other. These models usually expose the leg at ankle height.

What to pay attention to when buying basketball shoes:

The sole - a very important element that directly affects the possibility of sudden braking and acceleration. The sole should be adjusted to the surface on which we play most often. The sole of shoes that are perfect for playing in the hall will not necessarily work out when playing on the concrete surface located under the open sky. In the latter case, the slightly thicker outdoor sole will be great;
height of the upper - basketball shoes may have one of the following types of upper:

- low-top - the goddamn thing reaching in front of the ankle,

- mid-top - a goddamn thing that doesn't completely cover the ankle and ends at 3/4 of its height,

- hi-top - a ladle ending above the ankle; in this case, you can often find models equipped with a welt that additionally protects the ankle;

material of workmanship - sports shoes intended for playing basketball are more and more often made of synthetic materials with modern properties, which provide players with freedom of movement and comfort while playing;
Lacing - in new models, traditional lacing is often complemented by various types of hook-and-loop fasteners and bindings, which allow for even better stabilization of the foot in the shoe;
size - the choice of shoe size is crucial. A well chosen shoe gives your foot a little space but does not move around in an uncontrolled way; it is best if the length of the insole in your shoe is 0.5 to 1 cm longer than the length of your foot. When choosing new shoes, make sure that they are comfortable and do not rub against any part of your foot. Make the measurements in the middle of the day, when the feet are already a little swollen - then we will be sure that the newly purchased pair will not be too tight for us in the middle of intensive training, when the tired legs will become slightly bigger than usual. First of all, let's focus on comfort of use;
socks - when going for training, it is necessary to put on airy socks for sports shoes, which carry moisture away;
appearance - the design of the shoes should be in accordance with the user's preferences and match the rest of the sports outfit.

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