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Strength training for women

Strength training is not only for men. Women can and should also do exercises such as: barbell squats or dead string. Strength exercises not only perfectly shape the figure, but also allow you to get rid of unnecessary body fat. It is not true that this type of training will give the girl a masculine shape. Below you will find some of the most important information about strength training.

Working on muscles not for everyone

Women should not be afraid of strength training. Muscle mass gain is mainly dependent on hormones. Testosterone plays a major role here. In the case of women, the amount of testosterone secreted is too small for them to build up muscle mass to a large extent.

Force training and slimming

The main goal of strength training is to strengthen muscle tissue and reduce body fat. In case of systematically trained people, metabolic activity of muscles increases significantly, which translates into more effective burning of calories and oxidation of fat cells.

The effectiveness of strength training in the fight against overweight has been confirmed by scientific research. It turned out that women who practiced systematically three times a week during two months burned on average one and a half kilograms of fat.

Aerobic or strength training

In the case of women, the main motivation to exercise is to fight overweight and improve their appearance. It has been assumed that it is best to use aerobic exercises combined with a low-calorie diet in such a situation. Unfortunately, this type of training is not very effective and it also has an adverse effect on general wellbeing.

Basing your overweight fight on aerobic training alone is a mistake. Force training is essential if you want to burn calories effectively. Properly and regularly performed resistance training leads to the growth of muscle fibres, and thus to a greater demand for energy. Strength training improves metabolism. It strengthens not only muscles, but also joints, tendons and bones, so it should be used to prevent osteoporosis.

Which exercises should I choose?

Women are usually interested in shaping back muscles, thighs and buttocks. The best exercises for these areas are: barbell sittings, dead string, pulling up on the rod, rowing, squeezing out while lying down and push-ups. While practicing at the gym it is worth to use the equipment there, such as an atlas for exercises and a Smith machine.

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