•   Tuesday, May 21, 2024


The Nissan GT-R - a modern supercar

Every driver dreams of a modern, aesthetically pleasing vehicle that could run at high speeds, even if it wasn't used anyway. Most people today would also like a vehicle that uses impressive modern technology - and therefore is a product of our times! The Nissan GT-R is just like that - modern, fast and beautiful. He was qualified to a unique group of supercars. Now you...

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How to buy AC wisely?

​ MTPL insurance is compulsory, and its absence has consequences in the form of penalty fees. Additional AC insurance is voluntary, so many people are resigning from buying a...

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Audi R8 - modern and elegant

Sports cars are very popular at the moment, if only someone can afford to buy them. These are modern vehicles, which not only stand out in terms of their interesting design...

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New or used motorcycle?

​ The popularity of motorcycles is constantly growing. This is the result of the comfortable mobility of this mode of transport in large cities, easy parking and fashion...

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Why buy car parts online?

​ Although for many Polish drivers, online shopping is still something unnatural and full of fear, there is no denying that online purchases of car parts are becoming more...

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