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Benefits of automatic order processing for Shopify - Dropex

​Dropex API Automation

Automation of order processing is becoming more and more popular among e-commerce entrepreneurs. Modern technology makes it possible to assign simple but time-consuming tasks to computer programs. Whereas previously the process of compiling a report or analyzing a customer base took several hours of concentrated human work, now this happens in a few minutes. Therefore, modern fulfillment services for managing the delivery of orders are an integral part of the successful work of e-commerce.

Benefits of automatic order processing for Shopify

So let us take a look at how Dropex software can help you optimize your Shopify experience.

Thanks to a special scanner, the entry of barcodes into the system will be automated. This will greatly facilitate order processing, because it is enough to enter a digital code into the system and the program will immediately give information about the exact location of the products, their quantity and characteristics.

Errors when scanning barcodes are excluded, unlike manual input of numbers. Also, you cannot worry about the correctness of the data when drawing up a report or analyzing sales since the program will definitely not "forget" to enter or calculate them.

And of course, your customers will always be able to track the status of their orders with SMS notifications and manual verification by the parcel track number.

That is, by integrating your store with e-commerce software, you can:

  • save time and resources;
  • improve store service;
  • minimize errors in work;
  • improve customer loyalty;
  • increase sales.

Shopify and software integration: easy and fast

Connecting software does not require special knowledge or programs. You just need to contact the Dropex manager and answer a few questions (e.g. technical requirements, the real capabilities of your accounting system, the required GEO, etc). You will be assigned a permanent curator for the entire period of cooperation who will always be in touch. They will help to solve any problem and answer your questions. Integration will take no more than 5 days. After that you will be able to start working. The software interface is simple and intuitive, so it will be easy to figure out where the main sections are. No need to worry about interruptions - the API is fast and stable.

Professional software for optimizing work on Shopify

Integration with Dropex software will give your business many benefits. The key ones are described below.

Easy connection

There is no need to study additional questions on integration and understand complex systems. You just need to:

  • contact a Dropex representative;
  • provide mandatory information for connecting software.

Automatic order processing for Shopify

Once fully paired with the Dropex system, you no longer have to redirect orders to the warehouse yourself or through a manager. Now this will happen automatically:

  • when an order is placed on the website, it will be displayed in the accounts of warehouse employees;
  • the application is accepted on a first come, first served basis - the order is collected, rechecked for damage (faults), packaged and redirected to the courier service;
  • when the parcel is shipped, the customer receives a notification indicating that their order is on the way;
  • payment is made by cash on delivery; funds are immediately credited to your account and the operation performed is reflected in your personal account.

Shopify returns management

If the products are returned to the warehouse from the client, they are processed according to the rules:

  • they are check for defects or faults;
  • if everything is in order, the products will be returned to the warehouse;
  • if there is damage, they will be disposed of. 
  • All completed transactions are recorded in Dropex without fail.

Full control

In addition to automating workflows, working with Dropex provides the following options:

  • packing in gift boxes, kraft bags, tubes, etc;
  • the possibility of branding packaging;
  • marking for the requirement of a particular store (Amazon, eBay, etc.);
  • complete inventory management;
  • inventory of products, etc.

Benefits of automated order fulfillment for outsourced Shopify. After a visual analysis of outsourcing logistics, its importance becomes obvious. Let us summarize the main benefits of automatic order fulfillment in Dropex:

Saving resources

Resources are both monetary and temporary. Self-service logistics requires total commitment. You have to rent a warehouse with the necessary equipment, hire personnel, take care of the proper storage of products, conclude contracts with delivery services, etc. This keeps your budget down without stopping. And the need for constant control of warehouse processes does not allow paying due attention to other equally important business tasks. Switching to outsourcing will free up your time several times and will significantly reduce costs. With a properly organized service, the company's income will grow and the financial issue will cease to bring discomfort.

Minimizing errors

Automating order fulfillment truly keeps oversights to a minimum. Calculations and analysis of warehouse activities are now carried out using error-free computer programs. Orders are collected by employees according to clearly established rules.

Increasing target audience loyalty 

There can be several reasons for increasing customer loyalty - the quality of the product, good service (the work of managers), the speed of delivery and the reciprocal loyalty of the store. By handing over the warehouse tasks to the contractor, you will solve the issue with the transportation of parcels. And the time freed from routine processes can be devoted to improving other processes. Pay attention to the work of your managers (their response speed, their way of communication with customers on the phone, etc.) as well as the quality of products (choose more pleasant materials, gradually expand the range, control the availability of products in the system, etc)...

Full control

The transfer of logistics under the responsibility of the fulfillment center implies full control of warehouse operations by the contractor. You are no longer required to be present at the warehouse, participate in the inventory or check the quality of the collection of parcels. Since most of the processes are automated, all of them will be displayed in your personal account in the form of reports that you can view at any time.

Dropex is a fulfillment center with high responsibility and maximum service coverage. The company has established itself as one of the most reliable partners in the European market. If you are looking for a contractor, Dropex managers are always ready to answer your questions and start cooperation. You can contact the company representatives at the contacts specified on the official Dropex website.

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