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Fashionable squash

Squash is played not only by wealthy businessmen from big cities. Sport practiced with a partner in a glass cage is also becoming more and more popular among Polish stars.

Developing sports passions

Your man is active and interested in sports? The ideal gift for him/her should develop his/her physical form, shape his/her character and teach healthy competition. Madly fashionable recently, coming from England, squash perfectly meets all the above conditions. This is an interesting way to spend your free time, giving a lot of original pleasure. Polish Ministry of Sport does not recognize squash as an official sport discipline. This is, however, the kind of activity that in our country is developing the most dynamically in Europe.

What's squash all about?

The rules of squash are best known by purchasing an individual lesson with an instructor. The professional discusses the technique and equipment, corrects any initial errors and gives valuable tips. Here are the basic rules of squash:

- 2 players play with 2 rockets and a ball on a lockable court,
- Before each match, players are entitled to a 5-minute common warm-up on the court, on which they will play, changing sides after 2.5 minutes; the proper, individual part of the warm-up is carried out earlier,
- Only the serving person scores points,
- The game is played in several sets of up to 9 points and the game lasts up to 2 or 3 winning sets,
- Properly performed service conditions alternate exchange of the blows of both players.

Celebrities playing squash

Rocket sports have always been very popular with the stars. They were cultivated by Elvis Presley, Sean Connery, John Cleese, Bono, Eddie Murphy, Prince Philip. Among the Polish stars, the squash bug was caught by Piotr Kraśko, for example, who devotes his mornings to playing with Kamil Durczok. Jacek Poniedziałek and Michał Milowicz also play regularly. Maciej Dowbor, whose iron condition of the triathlete is enviable, apart from playing squash, also plays tennis, swimming, snowboard, football and basketball.

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