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Chemistry and cosmetics for cars, which are worth buying before winter

Preparation of the car for the winter period will be good to start earlier, when the temperatures are not yet below 0 degrees. The right solutions will give us the opportunity to minimise the effects of winter on our car. Below we have a few basic hints that will help you to take care of your car with appropriate cosmetics.

Silicone for gaskets

The winter period will be dangerous for the rubber parts of the car, including, but not limited to, the gaskets. Adequately low temperatures can lead to damage to your car. The rubber will be hard and it will crack. If the car is not garaged then it may turn out that after the rainfall we will have a problem with opening the door. It is good to have silicone, because it will prevent such freezing and problems with opening the door.

Window defroster

Cold rain with snow can effectively cover the surface with a thick layer of ice. The most common way to remove a scraper is with a scraper, but you may find that such sharp objects can lead to serious scratches on the windscreen. And if there is a rain sensor or heating you can destroy it and the cost of replacement will be definitely too high as for the usual really, you may find that it will reach several thousand zlotys.

Preparations for the maintenance of locks

Probably most of us now use a central lock to make it easier to open and close doors. However, if something happens to it you will need to use a simple lock and unfortunately here may be a problem, if you do not use it, it may not function properly. Therefore, it is worth having a preparation that will enable us to possibly maintain such a lock.

Automotive chemicals

Glass cleaner to prevent evaporation

If we drive a car, we must be tired of evaporating the windows in winter. This is indeed a fairly important problem that needs to be tackled. It is worth having a preparation that covers the glass and thanks to that, after a few seconds the steam from the glass will be removed.

Washer fluid

In winter, the work of the windscreen wipers is very important. Among other things, you need to pay attention to what kind of windscreen washer fluid you have. This is the basic thing, because in winter it cannot be the cheapest market liquid, because then we will have practically 100% streaks on the glass. It is worth buying a good quality branded liquid for this period. It is better to spend a few zlotys more and enjoy the comfort of winter driving than to opt for cheap fluid and problems on the road, which can affect your safety. And we know that this aspect should be the most important for us and, of course, it is worth taking it into account.

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