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Ranking of the best rated car engines - TOP 10

Seat Ateca (2.0 TSI 190KM 140kW from 2017)

The car has been manufactured since 2016. Compact SUV crossover, the first in its class model in Seat history. The prototype was created already in 2011 and the model entered the market as a replacement for the family MPV, the Altea model. Seat Ateca is based on the Volkswagen Group MQB Platform, on which most of the crossovers produced in recent years are based. The model name (Ateca) is derived from a Spanish city in Aragon.

2. Jaguar S-Type (4.0 and V8 32V 285KM 210kW 1998-2002)

It is a luxury model belonging to the upper middle class, produced in 1998-2008. However, the history of the model goes much deeper, as we can speak about the 60s of the last century, when the first limousines of this type were built. The Jaguar S-Type proved to be a huge commercial success and within 10 years almost 300,000 copies of the car were sold. It has been replaced by the XF model.

3. Honda Civic (X Hatchback 5d 1.5 VTEC Turbo 182KM 134kW from 2017)

The latest model of the Japanese manufacturer is the first Honda car in which we can find a three-cylinder petrol turbocharged VTEC TURBO 1.0 litre turbocharged engine. The Asian manufacturer's offer also includes four-cylinder VTEC TURBO 1.5 litre units. Thanks to the new, revolutionary design, the user gets low fuel consumption, high performance and at the same time environmentally friendly.

4. Suzuki Baleno III (1.2 DualJet 90KM 66kW from 2016)

This model only has gasoline engines. The cheapest variant is 90 hp and 1.2 l capacity. This model is very economical, so certainly this option is suitable for city driving, but in the field it is unfortunately far too little. Much better to choose a model with a 1.0 Booster Jet engine, which has only 110 hp, but is very clever and eager to work.

Renault Koleos II (2.0 dCi 177KM 130kW from 2017)

Renault Koleos can be purchased in a version with two petrol salivators and two diesel salivators with powers ranging from 130 to 175 hp. It can be driven on 4 wheels, so it's a car that can handle even the most demanding conditions.

Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR (1.8 Hybrid 122KM 90kW from 2016)

The Japanese company offers us a high-powered petrol engine. It is an excellent car for the city, as well as for routes outside the built-up area. Unfortunately, we will not get a model with a diesel engine here, but in return we can use a hybrid drive, which is as good as petrol, and at the same time more ecological.

7. Renegade Jeep (SUV 1.6 E-TorQ 110KM 81kW 2014-2018)

This is a car of the kind of small SUV. The smallest model in the brand's offer produced since 2014. The car is based on the well-known Jeepie Wrangler fans, and is built on excellent components, durable and lightweight, so the car is not heavy,

Honda HR-V II (SUV 1.5 and VTEC 130KM 96kW 2015-2018)

The HR-V Honda is an excellent quality car that combines a coupe and an SUV. The latest generation of the model collects excellent ratings all over the world.

Toyota RAV4 IV (MPV Facelifting 2.5 Hybrid 197KM 145kW from 2016)

When deciding on a Toyota RAV4, it is best to choose a diesel engine. It performs much better than gasoline and fits both urban and off-road routes.

Dacia Duster II (1.6 SCe 115KM 85kW from 2018)

Dacia Duster is the flagship model of the Romanian manufacturer. Despite their low cost, these cars are truly multifunctional and work well on lightweight off-road routes. We have a wide range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, as well as numerous drive types.

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