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Topic for the selection of steel wheels

When selecting steel rims, we should be as careful as we are when selecting aluminium rims. This is because there are many non-original products available on the market that have different characteristics than branded rims.

Steel rims no-name

Non-original products are referred to as "no-name". This is because the rims of this type do not have a clearly defined manufacturer. As a rule, they are fo rims of the lowest possible quality. They do not meet the minimum requirements both in terms of safety and quality of workmanship. There are numerous errors during the production process, so please beware of such products.

What should I pay attention to when choosing rims?

Pay attention to the rim rim first. If it has visible bends or other types of damage - in the future this can result in problems with the air flowing out of the tyre. The tyre will not adhere properly to the rim, creating a gap through which air can escape freely.

Any ventilation openings on the rim should not have torn edges. During the production process, burrs and sharp edges may occur, so when selecting a rim, remember to pay close attention to it. These are some kind of damage to the material, which can later affect even safety while driving.

If you are talking about holes, do not forget about the hole for the valve. The principle is the same as in the case of ventilation openings - there must be no cavities or sharp edges. If you notice any damage here, abandon the purchase of this particular product.

Examine the exact dimensions of the rim, especially the central bore. Everything has to be tailored to your car's parameters, so once you make sure the rim is not damaged, go to the measurements. You have to do it very carefully, because small differences in size and subsequent installation can lead to driving problems.

When selecting the rims for a company that specialises in this field, ask the specialist to balance the rims. This will eliminate any deviation from the mounting surface. This ensures that the rim does not have a negative impact on the handling or traction of the car. The use of unbalanced rims also results in faster wear of the vehicle suspension.

The weight of the product is of no small importance. Steel rims are not original, thanks to the materials used are much lighter than the original. Therefore, before making a choice, compare the weight of the product you are offered to you with the list of weights of the rim model. This list can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Good, cheap rims?

The truth is that a good-quality rim has a sufficiently high price. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that low prices are due not only to reduced production costs but also to the quality of the metal alloys used and the quality of the machining. It's not worth saving on rims. Buying a non-original product is not only associated with poor quality, it also affects our safety, so buy rims only from reputable manufacturers.

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