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Subaru Levorg - in response to the needs of European customers

Subaru's European customers should already be reconciled with the fact that they are not being prioritised. Fortunately, we have recently seen a change in this trend. The Levong model is a big part of this. The new model may prove to be a breakthrough solution, as it is hard to find a better example of a car for a European.

It is a combination body and a powerful engine, not to mention a four-wheel drive and solid equipment. When we look at Subaru Levorg from the outside, we can't get rid of the association with WRX STi. The family estate estate car has sports aspirations, which can be seen by observing the inlet on the hood and the rather aggressive line of the headlights. If we analyze the car in terms of its dimensions, it seems the most appropriate to place it somewhere between compacts in the combo version and cars of the middle class. The Levorg is shorter than the Avensis and at the same time longer than the Auris estate car. The question of which of the cars can be considered its immediate predecessor is therefore a challenge. Legacy is most often mentioned here, although all his models were larger than the Levorg. However, if we look at the interior of the car, we will be sure that it will appeal to the fans of the brand. It is difficult to make any revolutionary changes here, so we are dealing with all the solutions that Subaru has managed to get its customers used to.

levorg subaruThe interior may not be made of high quality materials, but the specificity of the car means that no one expected them either. Subaru has never been a brand that would spoil us in this respect, so a material with a rather soft texture can be considered a kind of trademark. Against this background, the armchairs, which are not only comfortable, but also guarantee good lateral support, look very favorable. It's also easy to use the options on your car, although getting used to the three screens that have been placed all over the cockpit may be a problem. Air conditioning is also a bit of a surprise in this model, because it is operated by knobs located right next to the gear lever from the gearbox, although controlling the settings requires us to take our eyes off the road. Once again, however, it is hard to be surprised, as this solution was also used in earlier Subaru models. Automotive enthusiasts should appreciate the fact that they have the opportunity to systematically monitor the current pressure and turbocharging, although an ordinary driver would have survived without this innovation. Levorg should also appeal to those people who do not make decisions to buy a particular model with ease, because they constantly wonder what specification will be the best for them. Subaru is therefore provided by only one engine that transmits torque to four wheels using a Lineartronic transmission (CVT). The set itself should appeal to even the most demanding users.

levorg subaruThe engine has a power of 170 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate up to a hundred kilometres in just 8.9 seconds and is well suited for use with the s-AWD drive traditional for Subaru. Of course, this does not mean at all that we are not dealing with any shortcomings, because it can be considered as such that, when driving in the city, a car may need up to 11 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres. But it's hard to argue that it's a shocking piece of information when it comes to constant all-wheel drive and really high power. Understanding does not mean acceptance, however, so drivers may be hampered by the lack of an alternative solution. A similar problem arises when analysing the equipment versions, as there are only two available - GT-S Comfort and GT Sport. What's more, the differences between them can be described as cosmetic, because they concern mainly the solutions such as electrically adjustable driver's seat, more USB ports and other audio system. The offer also includes the GT version, but it is not only the poorest, but also available only on special order. The price of the cheapest model oscillates around EUR 30 000, so the Polish driver will have to spend around EUR 129 000.

Slightly more expensive is the richer GT Sport with an estimated price of 140 thousand PLN. It is difficult to maintain that we are talking about a low amount, but we must not forget that the price includes the boxer engine, four-wheel drive and good equipment. The constant advantage is that we are dealing with Subaru! Overview of competitive models 1. Skoda Octavia Kombi (123 150 PLN) - 1.8 TSi (180 HP), 4x4, DSG engine, the highest version of equipment Laurin&Klement, 2. Ford Mondeo Kombi (128 200 PLN) - 2.0 EcoBoost engine (203 HP), FWD, 6-speed automatic transmission, the highest version of equipment Titanum, 3. Mazda 6 Kombi (140 900 PLN) - engine 2.5 SKYACTIVE-G (192 hp), FWD, 6-speed automatic transmission, highest version of SkyPassion 4 equipment. Hyundai i40 Kombi (138500 PLN) - engine 2.0 GDi (165 hp), FWD, 6-speed automatic transmission, highest version of Premium equipment

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