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Dynamic development of the automotive market

The automotive parts market is currently one of the fastest growing branches of the economy. This has been the case for several years and concerns both the European and Polish market. We have reason to be satisfied - the domestic segment is included in the group with the highest growth rate.

It's okay, it'll be better

According to the information provided by the Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Manufacturers (SDPCM), there are more than 900 active players in the market, employing almost 125 000 people in total. Most of them, as much as 89% of distributors and 84% of generators, predict a significant increase in profits in 2019. The expected increases are not small - the expectations oscillate around 10% of the increases, and not a lack of voices talking about 20%. European competition is pale against this background, with analogous indicators ranging from 1% to 3%.

- The value of production of automotive parts in Poland amounts to PLN 84.3 billion and is steadily growing. It is a powerful and therefore very important part of our economy, so every year we listen to the voice of the industry and always draw conclusions. We are very pleased that this year our event was attended by nearly 800 people, 20 thematic sessions were held and as many as 80 speakers took part in it. All this shows the potential of our industry and offers good prospects for the future, also in terms of defending our interests, concludes Alfred Franke, President of the Association of Automotive Parts Manufacturers and Distributors at a recently concluded congress.

What's with the optimism?

The amount quoted is huge. It is worth looking at it from the perspective of the structure of the domestic automotive market. Sales of new cars are steadily growing and in 2018 it approached 600 thousand cars. The number of registered used cars exceeds this value almost six times. Thanks to recent legal regulations, it is possible to take advantage of service care outside the network of authorized service stations. In compliance with the appropriate procedures, the use of so-called independent workshops does not entail the loss of the manufacturer's warranty. This fact certainly had a significant impact on the development of production and sales of wearing parts.

It is also worth noting the growing awareness of vehicle owners. They pay increasing attention to the technical condition of cars. For the sake of safety, the home improvement methods, supposedly designed to ensure savings, are being abandoned. Fortunately, car parts are available in such a large selection, and their purchase has become so easy and accessible for everyone that high quality does not have to mean equally high price.

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