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Do you manage the fleet in your company? Learn how to use GPS monitoring to manage resources

The opportunities offered by GPS/GPRS technology to companies with fleets of vehicles do not end with increasing the safety level of cars and drivers or improving the effectiveness of work control. GPS monitoring also provides the possibility of instant data collection and processing of unlimited amounts of data, creation of any statistics with just a few mouse clicks and development or modification of the company's strategy based on them. This is what Statistics and GPS System Reports can give your business.

Transport company

Transport companies are probably the most common users of GPS monitoring systems. The specificity of their work makes, firstly, the control of the dispatcher over the current situation is greater (no possibility of misleading him by the driver, the position is determined on the basis of hard data and not what seems to an employee who does not know the area), and secondly - that thanks to fleet monitoring systems, users can control a much greater number of vehicles. GPS monitoring automatically informs the dispatcher of deviations from the schedule so that the dispatcher can focus on those vehicles where something is actually happening. The Report Modules in the GPS Consalnet System also allow you to create statistics on vehicle failure rates, driver accidents and their effectiveness, which helps to conduct an effective personnel policy.

Dealer's representative office

Compliance with the work schedule is also important for any company with a fleet of vehicles, which has to account for the tasks performed by its employees. The GPS Consumables Reporting Module will allow you to check, among other things, how often a given car actually drives in the service of the company, and how often it is used for private purposes. The company can thus avoid paying for work that has not been done and differentiate between the routes for which a refund for fuel is actually due and those for which the employee will have to pay out of his own pocket. As in the case of transport companies, here too, thanks to GPS systems, we can get an overview of the global situation and quickly find all the statistics we are interested in.

Carriage of passengers

The activity of a passenger transport company is similar to that of a transport company, although its specificity is somewhat different. The vehicles of such companies are more likely to travel on pre-determined routes and according to tested timetables communicated to potential customers. Unforeseen situations are less frequent here, and in case of a delay or failure, it is not enough to call the customer - the people waiting at the bus stop cannot be informed about the situation in real time. Moreover, in the case of passenger transport, the profit is usually known only after the course, while in the case of freight transport, the freight price is fixed in advance. Using the reporting module and statistics with the help of GPS Consalnet GPS will allow us, among other things, to assess the profitability of a given course and introduce possible changes in order to optimize routes (e.g. in terms of increasing or decreasing the frequency of trips on selected sections).

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