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All you need to know about tempered glass

Toughened glass is a simple solution to protect the screen of a mobile phone. What should we pay attention to, therefore, when looking for the most appropriate one?

Toughened glass - what is it?

Tempered glass is one of the most popular solutions designed to protect the display of a mobile phone. Today, they are assumed not only on smartphones, but also on tablets and e-book readers. A few years ago, such functions had to be performed primarily by protective foil, but today few people are inclined towards such a solution, remembering to what extent it was imperfect. Toughened glass is primarily characterized by its strength, so the hardness index is crucial when making a choice.

Hardness scale

When deciding on a specific solution, one of the most important issues seems to be the appropriately high hardness index. This ranges from one to ten, and the glass with the lowest index can even be scratched with a fingernail. The highest grade looks particularly good because it means that only the diamond will scratch the surface.

Features of good tempered glass

What is 3D tempered glass?

Names tempered glass 3D and full tempered glass are used interchangeably. In both cases, it refers to a specific form of protection. It allows you to protect not only the screen itself, but also its edges, which are more and more often rounded. Thanks to such a solution, we can be sure that the entire display surface in the phone will be protected by us.

Tempered glass - or hybrid glass?

Analyzing both visual and technical parameters, we can see that hybrid glass is the one that works better. Their advantage is primarily their greater flexibility, which in turn translates into greater impact resistance. Hybrid glass is also thinner than conventional tempered glass, so it does not change the appearance of the device in which it is used. Hybrid glass also works better when the mobile phone falls from a high height. Of course, there is no ideal solution, so tempered glass is still more scratch resistant. Whichever solution we like better, when analysing the opportunities offered by the market, we should pay particular attention to what reputable manufacturers have to offer us. They are the only ones who can guarantee us that the workmanship itself will be of a high standard. It is also worthwhile to analyze various reviews and tests. This will allow us to quickly separate those models that deserve our attention from those that are best avoided.

Where to buy hardened glass?

If we are interested in buying, we can do it in several ways. The easiest way is to order it over the Internet. Unfortunately, although this option is also the cheapest one, we have to take into account the fact that we will have to put the glass on our screen ourselves. If we do this in the wrong way, it may be that the solution does not meet the expectations. A specialized phone shop is therefore also an interesting option.

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