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How to create a window arrangement?

The real culmination of any interior design is the window decoration, which gives the final effect and emphasizes the character of the interior. It also has an important practical function because it separates us and our privacy from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by. So it is worth to take care of the window decoration and think carefully about the solution that we will eventually choose to enjoy the beautiful windows and the privacy needed by every person. Let's not forget that naked windows will give the room a raw character, and poorly selected decoration will spoil the effect of interior design. So let's choose the window design according to your preferences, taking into account the style in which the interior has been decorated. Let's not mix minimalistic living room arrangement with lace, long curtains and curtains in large, colorful geometric figures. The market offers so many possibilities for window decoration that everyone will surely find something for themselves and their needs.

People living in a block of flats are often exposed to many unaesthetic flaws that lurk behind the window. The grey scratched wall of the adjacent block of flats is certainly a view that is not a welcome addition to a modern living room. Window decorations with which we can distract our eyes from the unfavorable scenery outside the window are in front of such problems. Many times flats in a block of flats have ugly radiators, protruding heating pipes or unsightly window sills. After proper selection of the window arrangement we are able to hide these deficiencies while emphasizing the beauty and size of the window.

Using the right tricks we are able to achieve incredible visual effects and change our windows and interiors. If you want to optically raise the room you should hang the curtains on a transparent curtain rail. If you want to lower the curtain rail - decide to place the curtain rail on the line of the window frame. In order to optically enlarge the window, the curtains are stretched to extend beyond the window frames.


The next step, which we should determine to specify the type of window arrangement that we need in a particular room is to answer the question to what extent we would like to let in natural light. These are the aspects that determine the type of decoration of our window. Certainly, the living room is a place where light is desired. The bedroom, on the other hand, should rather be darkened and climatic.

Heavy, long curtains made of thick material will not work in rooms where we want to brighten up the interior. In this case, we should decide on short and airy curtains or curtains. Make sure that they are made of lightweight, light-transparent materials. A great choice for a bedroom will be blinds or blinds, which will provide us with complete darkness. Roller blinds will also work well in interiors that are exposed to excessive sunlight. This happens mainly in small flats located in a block of flats. On hot days, it is difficult to survive in such a hot room. Thick roller blinds, which will limit the amount of rays that get into the interior, will be perfect for this purpose.

Choosing the type of window decoration is quite a challenge. There is such a wide range of types of arrangements that it is difficult to decide on something specific. It is worth to define your preferences and needs in order to decide on a specific type of decoration, such as roller blinds or curtains. Only then should you look for a specific model that will crown your window.


Curtains and curtains are a classic choice that has been popular for decades. Today, however, they are very different from those hanging in the windows of our grandmothers and mothers. Today, curtains are more airy and delicate, and in shops we can find a great variety of colors and materials. Curtains are characterized by a thicker material that can help to darken the interior. Often, however, they serve only a decorative function.

Horizontal blinds are able to let the light through creating an interesting effect of shadows playing in the interior, or to block them completely. This depends on the lamella angle. Modern blinds have wider lamellas than popular ones, so they are more effective and much more durable.

Roman roller blinds are perfect for minimalist interiors, because they are unobtrusive. They are usually made of fabrics from which curtains are made. They are lowered and lifted by means of a chain or string. They are perfect for small rooms and are a great alternative to giving intimacy to a room.

Cassette roller blinds are a very often chosen product. Thanks to a wide range of fabrics in many different patterns and colours, everyone is able to choose something for themselves. You can also choose your own design, which gives the interior its individuality and uniqueness. It is also an excellent protection against excessive sunlight and intrusive neighbours.

Window decoration should harmonize with and complement the style of the whole interior design. That is why it is so difficult to choose their type, colour and material. It is also very important that, apart from aesthetic values, the decorations should be practical. If our goal is to create a clear arrangement of windows, it is worth putting emphasis on strong accents. However, if we want the window to be only a complement to the room, it is worth to stay in the same color range as the color of the walls.

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