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Smelling of new laundry, i.e. the ranking of recommended washing machines 2019

Your washing machine is starting to fail. The laundry is no longer as clean, fragrant and well swirled as it used to be. You will also notice that your clothes are stained with unrinsed liquid or threads. In addition, the device is becoming louder and louder, or maybe it is badly draining water. So you're probably in for a replacement. Before you do this, check which washing machines have been appreciated by the customers of al.to.

The most important parameters of washing machines

Choosing a new washing machine is quite a challenge. In the white goods market you will find a lot of models that differ from each other in many ways. From our ranking you will, however, learn what to do when buying and what specific products to pay attention to.

  • Features - the main task of the washing machine is, of course, to keep your laundry clean. Modern devices, however, offer many additional functions that improve the whole process. The option of automatic drum cleaning, delayed start or remote control are just a few of the possibilities. So choose a washing machine that will be particularly useful to you on a daily basis.
  • Programs - a modern washing machine can give you a lot of comfort, but it is important to take care of your laundry first. The fabric of the fabric is uneven, and each of them requires appropriate treatment. So pay attention to the work programs of the model you are interested in and adapt the choice to your needs and those of your clothes.
  • Efficiency and economy - this will be influenced by water and energy consumption and the drum speed. Before you buy, check how these parameters look like in the models you are interested in. Also refer to your drum capacity and your weekly laundry needs. This analysis will make it easier for you to buy the most economical device.
  • The way of loading the laundry - here there are two options, namely the door of the washing machine mounted on the front or from the top. The first type models are much more popular, usually larger, suitable for installation or vertical positioning of two devices. And their top can also be improvised as an extra shelf, for example for laundry detergents.
  • Drum payload and dimensions - most often on the market you can find washing machines with a drum payload of 5,7,8 or 9 kg. Its size will surely translate into the size of the entire washing machine. If you have a high demand for laundry during the week, it is certainly worth looking for a larger device. The dimensions of the room where the washing machine will be located will also be important.

Ranking of washing machines

Washing machines up to 5 kg capacity

Haier HWS50-10F2S

Innovative Waterproof technology in the Haier machine prevents water from leaking out of the machine. A failure warning system informs you of a possible malfunction, allowing you to repair it before a major leak occurs and the room becomes flooded. A wide selection of programs and functions enables the best possible adjustment of washing parameters to specific fabrics, including very delicate ones, and the degree of soiling. A panel with LED display makes it easy to select the right settings.

Beko WRE 5511 BWW

Beko washing machine equipped with AquaFusion proprietary technology is distinguished by almost 100% use of detergent during washing. This is achieved by preventing the deposition of undissolved powder in the drainage system. In addition, the automatic water consumption control system adjusts the amount of water to the type and gravity of the wash. Thanks to this, the device is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness.

Haier HW50-10F2

The Haier brand, winner of the 2018 Customer Laurel, takes care of your time and money with its devices. The HW50-10F2 washing machine has a fast wash option, which allows you to set a specific working time of the program. This allows you to refresh your clothes even in a hurry. In addition, the automatic weighing function adjusts water consumption to the weight of the load, which has a positive effect on the amount of water used and, as a result, on the economy of the washing machine.

Indesit IWSD 51051 C ECO EN

The Indesit washing machine has received many positive feedback from customers, mainly due to the presence of many gentle washing programmes reflecting hand washing. This solution allows you to wash in this machine even fabrics such as wool without worrying about their original quality. The slow movement of the drum, combined with the temperature adjusted to the material, takes care of your clothes. The delayed start function will also take care of you - it will allow you to set the laundry at the most convenient time for you.

Washing machines with a capacity exceeding 5 kg

Samsung WW70J5346FW

Intelligent washing machine from Samsung has a Smart Check system that monitors the operation of the device and its parts and informs you about the results of the review via a mobile app. That way, you can be sure that all components work flawlessly - including the innovative Digital Inverter motor and the anti-scaling ceramic heater. The Diamond drum, the Stay Clean drawer and the active foam function ensure the highest washing quality.

Bosch WAN2427TPL

The Bosh washing machine is appreciated by consumers in particular for its option to load at every stage of the washing process (not including centrifugation). So even if you forget to load your favourite shirt, you don't have to wait until the next cycle. In addition, the VarioPerfect feature on the WAN2427TPL lets you do your laundry extremely quickly or more economically and ecologically. Everything according to your needs.

Candy CS4 1172D3

Modern Candy washing machine has a Smart Touch assistant installed which, with the support of mobile application and NFC technology, allows you to remotely program the laundry, keep statistics on the most frequently used programs and monitor the technical condition of the machine. The CS4 1172D3 has 16 different programs, so you can easily find the right one for every type of garment.

Check all the opinions of al.to customers for the presented washing machines and choose the model best suited to your needs.

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