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Building a house step by step

Building a house is a real challenge, which requires dedication, patience, time and appropriate knowledge. When planning to build a house from scratch, many issues need to be taken into account, from the building regulations to the right choice of construction company. Below you will find information that will help you better understand the next steps in this complex task.

The ground is... the right ground.

Choosing the right plot of land is the basis for every construction project (portable and literally). In addition to the location and specificity of the area, it is necessary to pay attention to the legal status of the plot. In order to do this, you need to obtain an extract from the land and mortgage register, which will allow you to check whether the plot of land is indebted. You should also pay attention to its history in order to make sure that the house is not built in a place where there was a landfill, for example. A necessary condition is also to check the local spatial development plan, which can be found in the Commune Office and to obtain a permit for development conditions. You should also make sure that the plot has access to sewerage, water or gas. If not, the project will have to include e.g. a waste tank.

Cost estimate and architectural and construction design

The course of construction and its final effect will depend on the financial outlays of the investor. If a person building a house from scratch has no financial limitations, he or she can, in cooperation with an architect, let his or her imagination run wild and design the house of his or her dreams (if there are no contraindications related to the MPZP and if the size of the plot allows it). Such a project is called an individual project, because it is prepared in close cooperation with the investor, taking into account the investor's requirements. A project of this type is quite expensive, so those who want to save money can use a catalog project. It requires some modifications, but cannot be allowed to be as arbitrary as in the case of individual projects. Apart from the house design, it is also necessary to prepare a development plan for the plot, which will present the layout of the greenery, access roads, a well, etc. The plan should be prepared in accordance with the plan.

The road through... offices

With the amendment of the Construction Law Act, from 2015 onwards, in some cases it is not necessary to apply for a building permit. This applies to residential buildings whose impact area is within the boundaries of the plot. However, it is necessary to report the construction in the District Starosty. In order to do so, it is necessary to submit a file of relevant documents (several copies of the design, ownership of the plot of land or documented right to use it, decision on development conditions, certificate of architect's rights). If the authority does not question the compliance of the documents with the facts, the construction of the house may be commenced from scratch within 21 days from the submission of the application. Remember to collect the construction logbook, in which the progress of work is recorded. However, there are regulations that require a building permit. These include, for example, the location of a square in a protected area and the situation when the impact of an object exceeds the plot.

Purchase of materials

The next stage of building a house is the purchase of appropriate materials. In addition to the price, you should pay attention to the high quality, because thanks to it we can avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of defects and frequent renovations, sometimes even just after the introduction. It should be emphasized that the price is not always an indicator of the value of materials. Raw materials from the highest price level are not always the best, and the cheapest ones do not have to be less durable at once. So what to do to buy high-quality materials more cheaply? It is best to buy them in winter, provided that the investor has a place to store them. If not, find out which wholesalers allow you to store your purchased goods. It is not a good idea to buy foamed polystyrene, building chemistry and wool prematurely, as they may get damp over time, making them unsuitable for use in construction. It is also a good idea to entrust the purchase of materials to a company that will build the house. Building crews, in addition to having expertise, often work with building depots, so that you can gain large discounts and save a lot of time. Another advantage is the fact that when buying large quantities, transport is included in the price of the ordered goods.

Commencement of construction

The next phase of the house construction is the preparation of the ground and the execution of geodetic measurements, which will mark the object. It is also important to remember about the sanitary connections for the construction work, as well as the protection of the area. At this stage, unfortunately, we have to go to the office once again. Documents related to work safety should be submitted to the District or Provincial Construction Supervision Inspectorate, as well as the statement of the site manager and the statement on investor's supervision. After dealing with the formalities, another important decision has to be made again: to hire a construction company or to build an economic system? Both options have their pros and cons. If you decide to hire a construction team that will build a house from scratch, you have to take into account the higher costs. This is a convenient solution, because it is all taken care of by a hired team of professionals. Before choosing a construction company, its credibility should be checked and, above all, the opinions of the people who worked for it should be obtained. Investors who want to actively participate in the construction of the house may be tempted to choose the economic system. This can save a lot of money, but it is not compatible with professional duties. It requires dedication and time, as a lot of work is done on its own, with the help of friends and family (some jobs also involve specialists). The great advantage is that the investor can adjust the pace of construction work to his financial resources.

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