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Freshly squeezed juices from fruit are just as good!

Drinking juices, especially freshly squeezed juices, is a pleasure, also for our body. They contain a lot of valuable substances, such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which help our body to function properly. In addition, they are easily digestible and are an alternative for people who do not like or cannot eat fruit and vegetables in their natural form. It is also worth knowing that thanks to juices our body assimilates more valuable substances that are found in fruits and vegetables, because their liquid form is better absorbed by us.

The beverage of life

Fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients that have a positive effect on our body, but unfortunately it is not able to assimilate all of them. In this case, it is worth betting on juices, thanks to which we can assimilate as much as 90% of such substances, for which our body only needs 15 minutes. It is just after a quarter of an hour that the creation of new cells begins, which replace the old ones. Acquire healthy ingredients with pleasure! Every day we should provide our body with an appropriate dose of vitamins and minerals, which are abundant in fruits and vegetables. However, it would take a lot of them to satisfy our needs, so it is worthwhile to supplement the diet with juices, from which we can easily assimilate valuable ingredients.

Excellent dietary enrichment

Our diet should contain the right amount of fruit and vegetables every day, but not everyone likes them. Of course, omission of such ingredients in our daily diet is not beneficial for our body, so it is worth replacing them with juices. This is a great idea for parents who cannot convince their children to eat such healthy products. Toddlers will be happy and parents will make sure that their daily diet is sufficiently varied.

Back to nature

Each of us realizes that we are now eating a lot of food that is highly processed. Therefore, we should, as often as possible, return to foods that are as natural as possible. One could argue that juices are a changed form of fruit and vegetables, but the ones we squeeze ourselves have exactly the same taste and composition as the products from which they are obtained. The amount of valuable nutrients in their case is really high. It is enough to know that thanks to them we supply ourselves with a lot of sodium and potassium, which can significantly reduce the possibility of such serious diseases as cancer, stroke or heart disease.

Say no to acidification of the body.

The products we consume every day, such as sugar, bread, meat or dairy products, can have a negative impact on the functioning of our bodies, leading to acidification. Even bad habits such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle or medication can lead to an acid-base imbalance. What does it manifest itself in? Usually a general weakness of the body. We feel a constant lack of energy, we can't sleep peacefully, and our skin becomes visibly tired. Of course, you can reach for dietary supplements available in pharmacies, but at the beginning it is worth to start drinking more juices regularly. It turns out that they can help us to maintain the acid-base balance, and thus naturally combat acidification of the body.

Increase your immunity!

It has been known for a long time that fruit and vegetables improve our immune system and that this is exactly what happens with juices. If we additionally supplement them with herbs, sprouts or grasses, we will provide our body with a huge dose of enzymes, vitamins, minerals or phytohormones. Thanks to them we will be able to avoid unpleasant colds, dangerous flu or even herpes.

Juices against diseases

Juices squeezed out of vegetables and fruits equip our body with many valuable substances, so that our body becomes stronger. But that's not all, because these natural juices can also be our ally in the fight against all sorts of diseases that affect us. Their strength is the ability to neutralize free radicals. Many specialists believe that only eating natural and healthy food can bring us back to health. This thesis is based on the belief that "broken" cells have been deprived of the components that are necessary for their proper functioning. In such a case, the organism does not need medicines, but natural substances to fill the gaps and allow us to recover. Many modern diseases are caused by processed food, so healthy food and drinking the right amount of juice is also very important in the fight against disease.


As a result of the metabolism in our body, harmful products are deposited in our body, which take the form of deposits. Juices are very helpful in the process of their removal, and in addition, they help us to get rid of toxins.


Dietary fiber and pectin are two more arguments for drinking freshly squeezed juices. Thanks to these two substances, of which there is a lot in the above mentioned juices, we can accelerate the digestion and excretion of undigested food remains from our bodies. Juices are therefore an essential part of any slimming diet.

Improvement of vision

Frequent drinking of juices also has a beneficial effect on our tired eyesight. This is because they contain beta-carotene and vitamins B, C, and E, which are extremely important for eyes.

Healthy complexion

The abundance of nutrients found in juices also favours our skin, which is perfectly hydrated thanks to them. Regularly drinking juices we can say goodbye to tired, dry and horny skin.

Don't be afraid of overdose.

When drinking juices, we do not have to worry about the fact that one of the substances contained in them will be too much in our body. As soon as there is an excess of any ingredient in our body, it will be excreted together with the urine. So we can drink as much juice as we need.

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