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The most beautiful film sets in the world

In modern films we are often moved not only by great special effects, acting or storyline, but also by the incredible views that are presented in them. It must be said that choosing the right film set is an extremely important issue; the magnificent landscapes can greatly enrich any title and make us feel even better in the atmosphere of the story it tells. Many excellent films were released in 2015. We present a short summary, which gained great recognition of the audience, among others, because of the beautiful scenery in which they were shot.

the most beautiful movie sets The first noteworthy film here is "Martian" by Ridley Scott. The very name of the creator tells us that the title simply has to be a success; if you add a good cast of actors and a great story, you get a real masterpiece - and indeed, the film has received a lot of positive feedback. However, the creators had to do their best to find a scenery that would allow for an interesting presentation of Martian landscapes. They found such a place in distant Jordan; a large part of the film was made in the Wadi Rum desert. It is one of the most interesting places in the world. The desert occupies a little over 700 square kilometers, and travelers appreciate it precisely because of its unique, "lunar" landscape. Brooklyn is the next film to be awarded the title, which gained a lot of recognition among viewers in 2015. Contrary to the title, a large part of the scenes depicting the city were shot in Canadian Montreal. Landscapes also deserve attention - here the artists moved to Ireland, where they found the perfect scenery in Wexford County.

the most beautiful movie sets "The Spectre is definitely one of the most important titles of the year 2015. The film was a huge success, thanks to which Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the long-awaited Oscar. The film captivates with almost everything - including a beautiful representation of wild, but extremely charming nature. In order to find such landscapes, the artists did not have to look far to find the perfect scenery in Canada. It is a country famous from huge areas almost untouched by human hands, so the possibilities in fact are very wide. The largest part of the film was shot in the Alberta province. In order to shoot the final fragments, the artists moved far south to Argentina.

the most beautiful movie setsThe next big title of 2015 is "Mad Max", a real treat for fans of film classics. The plot presented in the film is really not from this world, so the creators had to try to find a truly unique scenery. They found it in distant Namibia; the film was almost entirely shot in the huge Nanib desert. This place is literally breathtaking - the mighty sandy wilderness is really impressive. Copenhagen became the setting for another excellent film - "The Girl in the Portrait" was shot in the Danish capital. This city was not chosen randomly. Its calm, subdued atmosphere, so characteristic of Scandinavian countries, was a perfect match for the film. It is also full of chic and elegance, which is very much needed in this film.

the most beautiful movie setsFinally, a curiosity from our own backyard. "The Spies' Bridge, the work of Steven Spielberg, takes place mainly after the war in Berlin, but many of his scenes were shot in Wrocław. It is not surprising, however, because despite the fact that the city for many decades is within the borders of Poland, still has a kind of climate characteristic of German cities.

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