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See which cosmetics are worth packing in your holiday suitcase

Fantastic months of summer vacation is a time for which many of us look forward to year-round longing. Sandy beaches, romantic lakes and forests surrounding them, walks in flower meadows or crazy days at summer festivals - regardless of where we go, we should take proper care of the condition of our skin in this hot period. Find out which of the cosmetics will be useful in your holiday suitcase.

Cosmetics for hot days

Asian cosmetics such as the mask on a cotton cloth with green tea extract and the tonic from the same series are fantastic for a hot summer. Both preparations, due to their natural plant composition, give the feeling of refreshment and pure skin. They wash away all-day dirt, sweat and excess sebum, leaving your complexion pleasantly matted and cleansed. A similar effect is produced by a cleansing foam for the face with bamboo extract. Argan oil, which perfectly moisturizes hair, strengthens it and makes it look very healthy, can be used for hair care. It is worth remembering to oil your hair for at least one hour. Oil can also be left on your hair overnight and washed off in the morning. To the basic cosmetics useful during the summer expedition it is worth to add those that care for a sunny tan.

Bite gel and anti-tick spray

A stay in the forest, although pleasant, may end with painful mosquito bites and unpleasant removal of ticks from the body. It is worth minimizing the risk of these unpleasant ailments by using an insect repellent spray. It is a good idea to use cosmetics and preparations based on lavender during summer recreation - mosquitoes sincerely hate it and run away. The advantage of lavender-based cosmetics is also their beautiful, relaxing fragrance.

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