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What should mucus look like before menstruation?

Vaginal discharge changes in the menstrual cycle - this is a completely normal phenomenon. Fluctuations in the concentration of hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle are responsible for changing the consistency of the mucus. Accurate observation of the organism and viscosity of the mucus will allow you to determine with high probability the fertile days, as well as to observe disturbing changes indicating the inflammation of the genital organs.

Menstrual cycle without secrets

The first day of the cycle is the day of menstrual bleeding. Under the influence of the drop in hormones, the swollen mucous membrane of the uterus exfoliates. The menstrual phase usually lasts about 4 days. Then the female organism enters the follicular phase. Under the influence of foliculotropic hormone (FSH), Graff's bubbles grow. Estrogen levels are rising. The body is preparing to ovulate. The follicular phase lasts about 9 days. A mature egg cell is released into the Fallopian tube from Graff's follicle. There was ovulation. From the moment of release, the egg cell is capable of fertilisation for 24 hours. The woman enters the luteal phase, which will last about 14 days. During this time, the follicle transforms into a yellow body that secrete progesterone. This hormone is important for the preparation of the uterine mucosa for the embryo. If fertilization has not taken place or the embryo has not nested in the uterine wall, the yellow body disappears, the concentration of progesterone decreases and the unnecessary uterine mucosa exfoliates - menstrual bleeding.

How does the mucus change during the cycle?

Right after menstruation, cervical mucus can be thick, white, sticky. Under the influence of estrogens, in the follicular phase, the quality of the mucus changes. The secretion becomes less pronounced, transparent and stretchable. The consistency resembles the egg white of a hen's egg. This is a signal that the female body has entered the fertile phase and it is time to increase the chance of conception. After ovulation, the mucus becomes denser again. The exudate is white to light yellow in colour.

What does the mucus look like before menstruation?

The mucus before the period is infertile mucus. The mucus is thick, white to light yellow in colour. Some women complain about vaginal dryness before menstruation. The secretion appearing just before menstruation in medical terminology is called G-type mucus - from the name of the substance determining its production - gestagen.

What should worry you about?

Symptoms that should worry you and make you visit a specialist are unpleasant smell of secretion, a change in the colour of mucus to dark yellow, brown or brown, as well as inconsistent consistency containing in the composition, detectable in the fingers lumps. These are symptoms that indicate a possible intimate infection. Don't underestimate them and see a doctor.

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