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XTRF integration with CAT tools

XTRF is a special tool for translation management in translation companies. Thanks to a multitude of practical functions and automation allowing for effective office management, the program of the Kraków-based company is one of the best on the market. An office deciding to use XTRF will certainly increase its efficiency at work.

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) is a form of translation carried out with the use of a computer using special software which facilitates the translation process. However, it differs from machine translation, which uses special algorithms. This is how Google Translate works, for example. The term "CAT" is a broad term that describes the whole range of tools used to translate a text into another language.

All useful tools

CAT has many useful tools for translating text from one language to another. According to statistics, as many as 91% of professional translators use these tools, which have already become the standard among them. These programs check spelling and grammar, among other things. CAT also allows you to create and complete virtual dictionaries and glossaries, which is useful if you need a more specialised language. During translation we can divide it into paragraphs or segments, which will make the work much faster and easier.

Support for translation is provided by translation memories. It is particularly useful when the translator is dealing with specialist texts of similar subject matter, where many phrases or phrases are repeated. Once translated, the text will help you with the next one, remembering the appropriate terms. XTRF perfectly harmonizes and integrates with CAT tools, which makes the work of a translator even more efficient and faster. In combination with the features that allow you to manage your office, we can easily and quickly deliver the right files to your translators.

CAT tools are compatible with XTRF, thanks to which we have a perfect tool for translating texts and an ideal program for managing a translation agency. Thanks to its features, XTRF has changed the translation industry and facilitated the work of many translators.

The ideal program

The work of a translator is very responsible and the translation of some texts requires a lot of work and time. Such a translator should be provided with an appropriate tool that will facilitate its work and allow it to quickly translate text from one language to another. XTRF is an ideal program that has all the necessary CAT tools. The product of the Kraków-based company will certainly be ideal for small and medium translation companies, as well as large corporations.

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