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Choosing the perfect coat

In order to make the right choice and buy the right coat, we should familiarize ourselves with the available cuts and finishes beforehand.

Coat fitted to the shoulders

A coat must look good on us, and this depends on the fit of its shoulders, among other things. What choice do we have? Classics - traditional, unstiffened arms that look great on every silhouette. They are recommended especially for women with slightly fuller shapes. Reglan sleeves - sleeves that are sewn from the line. This style fits women who have a figure of the so-called inverted triangle. 3. decorated - the best option for women with narrower arms. The shoulders can be sewn with pagons, or they can be gently wrinkled to form buffets.

Stylish fasteners

Among the fasteners we distinguish, first of all, the fasteners: 1) Single row - buttons or zipper are sewn in a vertical line, so that the female silhouette is elongated. Such a clasp fits almost every woman and, what is very important, it never goes out of fashion! 2 Double row - such a solution can unfortunately expand the figure, so it is recommended for slim ladies. A coat with a two-row clasp is rather a proposal for a slightly looser output, because they include, for example, a jacket in a sailor or soldier's style. Masked - that is, fastenings that are covered by the cloak joint, so that they are invisible. This is an elegant solution that additionally gives us more room to show off when it comes to choosing accessories, because we do not have to take into account even the color of buttons.

Type of flange

What kind of collar should a coat have? Here are some suggestions: 1. Simple - the most universal. The flaps have pointed ends and fit into any outfit. 2. snood - due to its versatility it can optically enlarge breasts, but it is very elegant. 3. stop - it looks like a kimono, because it is built up. Such a collar is suitable for slim women with long necks.

What about the belt?

The belt is an important part of the coat, so we can choose: 1. the same colour strip - it doesn't stand out and makes the coat look very elegant, making it a perfect option for evening outings as well. Contrasting strap with a contrasting colour that perfectly accentuates the waist. For such a strong accent of the coat it is worth to choose a handbag or shoes of the same color. 3. coat without a belt - this garment may have darts that emphasize the waist, or it may be an oversized coat.

Sheath length

The length of the coat depends on our preferences, but it also affects our silhouette. So which one to choose? 1. to half thighs - it resembles a jacket, so it works best with trousers. In addition, it is also comfortable in everyday use. For knees - they are universally applicable, so they can be worn for trousers and skirts, but they should not protrude beyond the coat. 3. to the calves - the female figure does not always look best in them, so it is worth to compose them with optically lengthening heels.

Appropriate fabric

When buying a coat, we must always pay attention to what it is made of. Wool - a coat made of woolen fabrics warms up perfectly, so it is worth looking for those from tweed, flag or gabardine. 2. suede - very popular lately. Artificial suede is cheaper and softer, but the real suede looks a little more elegant. Polyester - this type of coat is characterized by high durability and in many cases is waterproof.

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