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How do I put a protective film on my phone?

The protective film is a thin and flexible, transparent material that is applied to the front of the mobile phone display. Of course, the mere appearance of her raises a few questions. One of the most important is whether this layer has no influence on touch, since most phones are controlled in this way. The answer is affirmative, which can be seen mainly in tweeds, when the foil is used not only cheap enough, but also relatively thick.

However, if we reach for a more expensive, but at the same time proven model, the difference will be practically impossible to catch. If you are thinking about buying a film, you should also be aware that although it provides a certain security, it certainly cannot be compared to toughened glass. So how do you explain the fact that she's so popular? The answer is above all its affordability. So when you decide to buy it, pay attention to how the foil variant is matched to the phone and whether it corresponds to the shape of the cut. It may turn out that the quality of cutting the dedicated film leaves much to be desired, and this in practice will mean that the entire surface of the display will not be protected.

Installing the foil on the screen

How do I put a protective film on my phone?

Once we have decided to make a purchase, we need to place the foil on the screen of your mobile phone. Of course, it will be easier if we approach this task in a professional manner. The first step is to ensure cleanliness in the place where the whole operation is to take place. The work surface should not be covered with dust, and nothing stands in the way of us washing our hands beforehand. A microfibre glasses wiper will also be useful. It is through this device that the screen of a mobile phone should be cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Remember that some impurities are barely visible, and yet they also lead to the formation of air bubbles under the foil. Once the display is clean, we can prepare a film to be applied to the smartphone screen. If we have decided on a universal polycarbonate foil, it will be necessary to cut it to the size of a phone screen. The downloading of a template from the manufacturer's website will help, which is made easier by the code attached to the foil.

Once we have done this, apply the foil to the phone, making sure that the lines are precisely aligned to the edge. Ideally suited film should be evenly pressed onto the phone with a microfibre cloth when applied. If, despite our efforts, large air bubbles hit the foil, nothing stands in the way of gently peeling it off and trying to squeeze out the air. At the next stage we should concentrate on getting rid of small air bubbles under the casing. Once again, a microfibre cloth is helpful, which allows you to press the foil directly onto the screen. Sometimes the casings are equipped with a top protective layer. Its presence is not necessary, so it should be removed. Once this is done, the process can be considered complete. Our phone will receive solid security.

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