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Fast LTE in the Galaxy A5

Reliable Internet in the phone is one of the basic functions of today's smartphones. One of the devices that work well with network support is Samsung Galaxy A5. This is another excellent model of one of the largest cell manufacturers in the world.

Internet - a short piece of history

No one can deny that the Internet is one of the greatest achievements of our civilisation, and the development of such technologies has changed the reality around us beyond recognition. Today, it is difficult to imagine using a mobile phone without access to the network, which gives the impression that the Internet has always existed. However, the history of the network is surprisingly short given its current development and dissemination.

Raptively, about half a century ago, a concept was developed in the United States that wanted to connect several computers in series. This means that one central computer shouldn't have been distinguished. This avoids the risk of network failure in the event of a failure of the main computer.

In a relatively short period of time, the project was successfully completed, which only accelerated further work on disseminating the idea of a large network, which we are now using almost at any time. LTE format has completely revolutionized the use of the Internet from the cellular level, which is clearly visible in the case of phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A5. Of course, the network is not all important parameters that you should pay attention to when buying a Samsung Galaxy A5. How many inches does the display have or what is the resolution of the camera - these are just some of the questions that come to your mind. However, LTE is a truly absolute and necessary basis for the 21st century.

LTE and Galaxy A5

Long Term Evolution is a standard of GSM data transmission directly replacing the existing third generation systems. And although 3G worked really decently, with the possibilities offered by LTE it looks pale. What is also interesting, Long Term Evolution is sometimes referred to as 4G, which in fact is not a proper nomenclature.

The biggest advantage of LTE in the case of such a phone as Samsung Galaxy A5 is of course the extremely high speed of data transmission. During the tests of this technology it reached even 150 Mb/s. Under real conditions, it is obviously not possible to repeat this achievement, but the actual result is still much better than with other systems.

In addition, LTE has a very low sensitivity to various types of interference and has minimal delays that do not exceed a few milliseconds at most. For this reason, the format is considered to be extremely stable and secure, which can be seen from the very first moments of use. HD video is cached immediately and transactions are not interrupted.

Samsung Galaxy A5 - how many inches does the display have?

This question had to be asked and, contrary to appearances, it has a lot to do with LTE. After all, networking is often about viewing photos, videos or browsing the web, which requires a high-end screen. Samsung has long accustomed its users to quality displays, and the A5 model features a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen. This dimension allows for comfortable use and does not increase the size of the device itself too much.

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