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How do I keep my home workshop tidy?

A home workshop is not only a place where we realize our ideas and carry out minor repairs. The workshop is also an area where we store many items necessary for every DIY enthusiast. Very often it also performs storage functions. That is why it is so important to maintain order in this place. Good organization significantly improves the quality of work. So it is worth to do everything to keep the order in your home workshop.

Shelves and cabinets

First of all, we should consider what the place where we are going to work should look like. How much space we want to spend on the work zone and how much space we want to store tools and other objects such as nails, screws, gaskets, adhesives and paints. The storage space should be at least a few square metres. If you have a small room it is advisable to use high storage racks, which allow maximum use of available space.

It's also a good idea to get all kinds of crates and boxes so you can keep smaller items in them in an orderly manner. If there is an unused recess in the workshop, you can place a cupboard in the workshop. It is an ideal piece of furniture for storing tools.

Wheelchair on wheels

If we own a larger workshop, it is worth investing in a wheeled workshop trolley. The cheapest models of such carts have only a table top and a shelf, the more expensive models can be equipped with even a few special tool drawers. The big advantage of this workshop furniture is that it is equipped with wheels, so it can be easily positioned anywhere in the workshop. Usually, the tools used most frequently are placed in the trolley and placed right next to the workplace. It is a very functional and mobile solution.


The basic furniture for storing objects in the workshop are shelves. But they can't be set up anywhere. Therefore, when setting up a workshop, it is also worth thinking about buying hanging shelves. With their help, practically every fragment of the wall can be utilized. Shelves usually contain items and tools that are rarely used.

Shelves made of wood are the best choice for workshops. It is a cheap and practical solution. However, when we are going to store different kinds of chemical substances (e.g. paints or adhesives) on shelves, it is better to decide to buy shelves made of metal.

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