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Secrets of the interview

It is hard not to agree that the questions that may arise during the interview are among the issues that can make you sleep at night. A job interview is the most important element of recruitment, and the situation on the labour market means that there are far more applicants than there are waiting for them. Both the questions themselves and the answers given to them help the employer to create an image of the future employee. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the specifics of job interviews in order to take advantage of the opportunities they can offer us.

From our earliest childhood we see how much truth there is in the saying that when they see us they write us like this. The impression we create has a big impact on the course of the interview. Even if only for this reason, it is advisable to have an elegant and neat look and appearance in the room with great confidence. It is not only worth to lower your head, but also to soothe your shoulders and slouch, and the cardinal mistake is to avoid eye contact with your interlocutor. Importantly, we should not reach out to the interlocutor.

It is not only possible, but also necessary, to prepare for an interview. Of course, we cannot predict what will be the course of it, but the content itself is not shrouded in mystery. The employer already has some knowledge about us, as he has the recruitment documents provided by us. The interview is therefore largely a reference to what is in it. The most frequently asked questions are related to what appeared in the CV and cover letter. It is worth remembering about it already at the stage of creating the mentioned documents, because their content and credibility has a great influence on the success of the conversation.

the secrets of the interview

What questions can I count on?

The questions that are asked during the interview are not difficult to predict. What comes to the fore are those that concern our dream position and our ideas about it. The employer or his or her representative may also ask about qualities that we feel may contribute to the fact that we will do well at work. Even before the interview it is worthwhile to find out what is the nature of the position for which we are applying, because we have to convince the employer that we are suitable for it. It is always worthwhile to support our arguments with personal experiences from the past, such as internships and apprenticeships.

Watch out for what?

Employers differ from one another, but one cannot disagree with the fact that everyone values naturalness and spontaneity. Yes, not all questions asked during a conversation are simple, but they are put to us precisely in order to see how we react in sudden and unexpected situations. We must not be upset and irritable, nor is it advisable to pretend to be someone we are not. Naturalness and peace may be our strongest weapon, so it is worth betting on them.

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