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Fashionable men's accessories

The times when a man limited himself to the basic items of clothing are long gone. Today, fashion allows for bold combinations with stylish accessories in the form of bags, belts, watches and even men's jewelry. Accessories such as cufflinks appear not only during ceremonial exits, but are also worn on a daily basis. It's worth knowing how to combine them and which ones to have in your closet.

Men's accessories complement the modern look and are the proverbial "dot above and" in every garment. After all, we cannot imagine an elegant suit without a tie or a loose summer styling without sunglasses or a baseball cap. Some accessories simply need to be kept in a closet and selected according to the occasion and trends. You don't have to be afraid of brave proposals, either. Designers have long been promoting fashion for men's jewellery. Men more and more often reach for watches, bracelets and chains. What is worth betting on this season?

Bag - should a guy have it?

The bag is no longer associated only with an element of a woman's wardrobe. Models in a minimalist style, without decorations and made of dark ecoskin are perfect for casual styling. Men's bags are characterized by comfort and capacity, which allows you to store the most necessary things such as laptops and documents.

Belts, ties and flies

Men's accessories that should be in every wardrobe are also belts. It's worth having at least a few models to match your everyday clothes and suit. For formal meetings and celebrations, you also need a tie and a shirt, and in a more courageous version, a fly that has returned to the streets in style. In line with trends, flies can be worn in narrow trousers, colourful shirts and checkered jackets.

Watches for every occasion

Men do not need to be persuaded to wear a watch either. It is customary to assume that this is an addition that testifies to the class and style. Every day it is worth wearing not only classic models on steel bracelets, but also colorful sports watches. The most fashionable ones are available not only in bold shades, but also in multicoloured moro prints. They can be successfully used for casual outfits and sports.

Men's jewellery

Gentlemen more and more often reach for jewelry elements. For elegant exits, they choose cufflinks that can also be worn for everyday styling. Jewellery is dominated by materials such as steel, wood and ecological leather. They are made of flat, wide bracelets and chains. They fit into the loose, urban outfits and fit into the fashionable, heavy, motorcycle style. They look good when combined with leather shoes, ramones and denim. However, it is not worth wearing them in a suit. For elegant clothing it is better to choose a classic, i.e. silver pins and a watch.


In the summer, the men's wardrobe must be equipped with sunglasses. It is good to have at least one pair of classic pilots or wayfarer frames. The first model is perfect for loose-fitting t-shirts and jeans, while the second model can even be worn with a white shirt and dark suit trousers. In this season you can also bet on brave sunglasses with mirror lenses and colourful frames. The more modern the model is, the better it fits in with current trends.

Baseball caps

The modern urban look is finished with a flat baseball cap. Wearable with trendy bars and jeans, it will give any style a character. In the summer it is worth to equip yourself with models made of airy materials, which are necessary on the beach or during water sports.

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