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Remote working and its specificity

People who are considering remote working must be aware that working via the Internet has not only a number of advantages, but also at least a few disadvantages, of which it is worth to be aware. So if it is to be effective, we should learn how to control our time and practice self-discipline.

Legal basis for working on the Internet

The Labour Code states that teleworking is one of the types of employment relationships that are established between employers and employees. There is also no shortage of remote workers employed under civil law contracts. So when we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, we should not forget that they often have a direct link with the contract that the employer enters into with the employee. If there is an employment contract, the employer is obliged to arrange a workplace for us and then also equip it with a workplace.

Simultaneously, at any moment he or she can verify, in what manner the person employed by him or her fulfils the tasks assigned to him or her. The employer also has the right to install special software on the equipment owned by the employer, which monitors the activity of the employee. Of course, in any case, the employee should be informed of this. If the work consists of performing an activity on a regular basis, but this does not create a new work, the most common form of employment is a contract of mandate.

Modern form of work

In this case, it is not the result that is crucial, but the careful execution of the work that counts. Such a task may be, for example, updating the Internet portal. However, if the result of the work seems to be more important, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the employee for the work. We should remember that neither the contract of mandate nor the contract for specific work impose any obligation on the employee to perform his duties during specific hours. This nature of employment also means that he does not have to carry out all the instructions of his superior.

Naturally, the client or the orderer may still be interested in what the execution of the order itself looks like. If, therefore, the result of the work is not satisfactory, the termination of the contract should not be a surprise. The downside of a civil law contract is that the workplace must be organised on its own. The orderer or the orderer shall supply only those materials which are necessary for the performance of the task. Some professions are performed primarily on the basis of remote work, which can be certified by translators and people responsible for web design.

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