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Medical carer - what is his job and where will he find employment?

In view of the continuing ageing of the population, there is a growing need for skilled workers who will be able to provide adequate care and care for the elderly. Across Europe, there are more and more elderly, dependent people who need support. Thus, the job prospects for medical carers are systematically improved. It is not an easy profession which, despite everything, gives a lot of satisfaction to those who decide to dedicate themselves to it. What is equally important, because there is still a shortage of specialists in medical professions, people who take up this occupation can count on an attractive salary.

Working in the medical profession - what is it?

A health care professional is a responsible profession which consists in helping sick, dependent people in their daily activities. Specialists in this field work closely with medical staff and patient therapists, for example by assisting with care procedures. What is usually the responsibility of the health care provider?

  • Satisfying the basic biological needs of the patient
  • Identifying and solving problems of a sick person
  • Ensuring the physical and mental safety of the patient
  • Assistance in sustaining social activity of the client
  • Assisting the nurse during the treatments
  • Emotional support for both the sick person and their family
  • Helping the patient to adapt to life in sickness or old age

It is very important that a person working in the medical profession can quickly and effectively provide assistance to the client when he or she finds himself or herself in a life-threatening situation. It is also important to develop features that will enable the professional to easily establish contact with the patient and build a relationship based on trust, care and empathy.

Post-secondary school - a way to make a career in the medical profession

Anyone who would like to start a career as a health care professional can attend a post-secondary school. It is there, during the year of study, that the student will gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed to perform the best profession. What is important, in order to apply for the school, you do not need to pass the high school diploma, just the secondary school diploma. After graduation, graduates receive the certificate of the Ministry of Education, which is respected not only by Polish but also European institutions.

Medical carer - where will he find a job?

Qualified healthcare professionals can either take care of an individual patient at home or find employment in one of the following facilities:

  • a social welfare home,
  • hospice,
  • the clinic,
  • the sanatorium,
  • hospital,
  • a care and treatment facility,
  • community nursing home,
  • a foundation or association working for the sick or disabled.

Medical professions are priced, not only in Poland, but above all in other European countries where there is a shortage of specialists in this field. It is therefore no wonder that more and more people qualified in this profession - tempted by higher remuneration and the possibility of gaining valuable experience - decide to work abroad, where their patience, empathy, responsibility and professional preparation for this function are appreciated.

In recent years, medical care has been a highly desirable profession on the Polish and European labour market. With the growing number of people of retirement age, there is a growing demand for qualified carers who will be able to take care of them professionally. It is a profession ideal for caring and caring people with great patience and a sense of empathy. Anyone who would like to start working in this profession should graduate from a one-year post-secondary school in the field of medical care. It is there that he will gain the necessary knowledge and skills, which will be useful during his career.

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