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The premiere of a new book on Marian apparitions "Mysteries of Fatima. The greatest secret of the 20th century."

The book "Secrets of Fatima. The "Biggest Secret of the 20th Century" contains little-known details of the Fatima apparitions and unique photographic material. It is the history of the 20th century as shown through the prism of the events of Fatima in 1917. It combines the motifs of a historical investigation with an essay on spirituality.

The book "Secrets of Fatima. The biggest secret of the 20th century" is published one year before the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions of the children from the Portuguese village near the town of Fatima. The children, including Lucia dos Santos, received three mysteries from Our Lady, which were revealed many years later - two in 1941 and the third only in 2000. The decisions of successive popes not to make the content of the apparitions public resulted from the political situation in the world at that time, including the tense relations with the Soviet Union. The last mystery was revealed only by Pope John Paul II.

- No revelation has ever been of such interest or elevated to such high rank. It follows from these revelations that certain events that take place in the spiritual sphere also affect the physical, material and earthly sphere, and this is what this book is about," says Grzegorz Górny, the author of the book.

The book is the result of a year and a half cooperation between a reporter Grzegorz Górny and a photographer Janusz Rosikoń. They travelled extensively to Portugal, the Vatican, Austria and Slovakia, where they talked to the press spokesman for John Paul II, Joaquin Navarro-Valls, the long-time rector of the Fatima sanctuary, Father Luciano Guerra, and people who knew Sister Lucia dos Santos. The inspiration for writing the book was for the author of the word of Pope Benedict XVI, who stated that the mysteries of Fatima are not a closed chapter, and their prophetic dimension has not yet been exhausted.

- This is not a scientific book that presents hard, undeniable evidence. She presents some unusual coincidences of events, unusual coincidences of circumstances. Some may treat them as a mere coincidence, while others as a sign of God's providence, of God's vigilance over the history of mankind," says Gregory Górny.

According to Grzegorz Górny, the book "Mysteries of Fatima" is the history of the 20th century against the background of the Fatima apparitions. It is addressed not only to Catholics, but also to all those who are interested in the history and mechanisms that govern the world. The publication combines a brutal story about political reality with a mysterious story about supernatural reality. It contains not only unknown details of the Fatima apparitions, but also many descriptions of interesting historical events, such as the peaceful departure of the communist army from Austria in 1955.

- In our book we explain how it happened that during the period of the communist apogee, suddenly Austria was liberated from the communist occupation and the then Prime Minister of Austria and the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself said directly and officially that it was thanks to Our Lady of Fatima," says Grzegorz Górny.

The publication, published by Rosikon Press, also contains unique photographic material. It contains photographs taken by Janusz Rosikoń during his trip with Grzegorz Górny and unknown, unpublished archival photographs, including the history of Fatima before World War II.

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