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"Blind Throat" - for lovers of crime novels

The detective novel is one of the most popular genres of books - many people reach for such titles, and it's no wonder. A well-written book of this type can draw a person in for hours. If the author has done his best to prepare the story, the book keeps us in great suspense until the last pages and does not allow us to tear ourselves away. Scandinavian authors' detective stories are very popular - we must admit that writers from that region are indeed often very talented and can create incredible books.

Jorn Lier Horst from Norway is an excellent example of this. His "William Wisting" series has gained great recognition among readers all over the world, including those in Poland. "The Blind Throat is the tenth part of this cycle. We must admit that the author does not lose any part of the good level and constantly delights us with his perfectly written, captivating detective stories. The protagonist of the book is Sofie Lund, a woman raising her daughter alone. When her grandfather dies, Sofia moves to her family's inherited home. He does it with great reluctance, knowing what criminal past this man had behind him - he remembers perfectly well how many problems and misfortunes he brought to her family. However, she knows that her daughter needs a good place to live and some stability, and the inherited home seems to provide this. The property hides a lot of childhood memories for Sofia, as well as many secrets that she never even knew existed. One of these mysteries is a powerful safe, the content of which a woman knows nothing about. A large armored wardrobe seems almost impossible to force through, but Sofie decides to try to find out what she can find in it. Meanwhile, a taxi driver mysteriously disappears from the area. It turns out that these two seemingly unrelated matters are in fact closely connected.

Horst is an author who, with his excellent style and thoughtful stories presented in books, has already drunk the heart of many readers, both in his own country and in other countries, including Poland. All of his books, without exception, are drawn in until the very end. When you read them, you really get the impression that they are in the midst of extraordinary and mysterious events; a man who persists in going through the pages in order to learn the solution to the riddles he is faced with. The author has also repeatedly shown that he is well acquainted with police work - in this respect his books are very accurate and extremely realistic, showing how criminal puzzles are solved. Of course, they do not lack a huge dose of fantasy; however, it is worth remembering that the author himself is a former policeman, thanks to which he knows the work of officers very well and can describe it very well. In a word, his books are a must-have for every fan of good crime novels. Regardless of which title of this author we reach for, we can be 100% sure that we will have a great time and will be thrown into the whirlwind of extraordinary events, from which we will not be able to break away.

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