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The main sins of the hybrid manicure

A hybrid in theory is a manicure that's indelible. That's why women are so keen on it. However, sometimes the effect is not satisfactory for us - the lacquer is hard to remove or after a few treatments we observe a weakening of the nail condition. Why would I do that?

Watch out for hybrid products!

The original hybrid does not require file matting and dissolves in 3-5 minutes. Other lacquers imitating a hybrid mostly require preparation of nails - just like to apply gels, i.e. matting the plate. It'll destroy your nails. Moreover, very often varnishes imitating hybrids do not dissolve, they have to be filleted. Be careful - after one such manicure your nails will be destroyed and their regeneration may take up to three months.

Low price, low quality

Every woman loves price opportunities, but it's not worth saving for her beauty. The price of the service consists of the quality of the products used and the skills, qualifications and experience of the manicurist. If the price is low, this should be a warning to you. The original hybrid will not be cheap, and in the hands of a qualified specialist will not destroy your nails.

Removal school

Removing the hybrid by yourself is almost a guarantee of damage to the nail plate. You must not file a hybrid with a nail file! It should be dissolved in a delicate preparation specially designed for this purpose. Do not forcefully tear off the remaining nail polish or peel off the nail yourself. If you tear the nail off by force, you will tear off the layer of the nail. It is best to remove the hybrid in a certified living room.

Take a break.

Sometimes the nails also need a short break from the hybrid. Give them a break. A qualified manicurist will recognize the moment when it is worth taking a break from the hybrid. I recommend a two to three week break. During this time, do not paint your nails with varnish, but apply a conditioner with proteins and jojoba oil. Effectively and visibly improves the condition of weakened nails. Your nails will not peel, break or split, moisturize dry nails, reduce white spots, prevent the formation of new ones. Recommended treatments: warm paraffin hand bath, Japanese manicure.

Don't do this at home!

It is easy to buy the equipment needed to make hybrid manicure in shops. But remember, this may not work. Before setting up a hybrid, a manicure has to be done very carefully. Move the cuticles away, gently polish the nail surface to remove impurities, then degrease the plate, apply successively - base, color, top, each layer of lacquer hardening under UV light. Finally, we rinse with isopropyl alcohol. You can apply the olive on the skins and massage the cream into your hands. Apply the lacquer in very thin layers and be careful not to flood the skin. If that happens, the hybrid will start to peel off the same day. Going to the living room you will have a choice of a wide range of colors.

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