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Loan for treatment

Although in theory Poles have access to free health care, in practice they are more and more often treated on credit. Thanks to loans, we most willingly finance dental, ophthalmological and... plastic surgeries.

We are increasingly using the funds we have granted under the loan for any purpose for... treatment. This applies both to those medical procedures that cannot wait and to those that aim to improve our well-being and appearance.

Loan for treatment - when is it worth it?

According to research conducted by one of the companies providing financial support for medical procedures, we prefer loans when we have to pay for dental treatment (66%), implantology and prosthetics (32%) and orthodontics (21%). Other areas, such as conservative and aesthetic dentistry, account for 13% of all enquiries. Considering the fact that a loan can be granted for any purpose, we also spend this kind of cash injection on rehabilitation (65%), dealing with addictions (53%), infertility treatment (33%) and orthopaedic procedures (22%).

A loan for treatment - who gets it?

Those who apply for a loan for treatment are usually those who are financially sound and have no problems paying their debts on time. As much as 70% of people interested in a loan for medical treatment work full-time and maintain mainly themselves (only 20% of borrowers have one or more people on their dependency). A much smaller percentage are people employed on a contract basis (10%), contract for work (10%), self-employed (10%) or retired (10%).

Women are more likely to apply for a loan for treatment (75%). People between the ages of 36 and 50 can afford to use private medical services (40%). They are mainly inhabitants of large cities (there are also the largest number of clinics there). Most lenders come from Mazowieckie (22%), Śląskie (20%), Dolnośląskie (14%), Wielkopolskie (11%) and Małopolskie (10%) voivodships.

Loan for treatment - how to apply?

We apply for a loan for medical treatment just as we apply for any other liability in a loan company. The first step is to analyse your financial situation, estimate your creditworthiness, then choose the amount of the loan and how long you want to take it. Before we take it, let's check the total cost of the loan and the amount of the monthly installment (this should be adjusted to our financial capabilities). It is also worth reading the agreement and clarifying any ambiguities from the beginning.

A huge advantage of a loan for treatment is the speed of its granting, which is especially in a situation where we are struggling with health problems is of great importance. Thanks to the loan we do not have to wait in the queue and immediately we can go to the specialist, whom we need help. It is also a good solution for people who do not have a regular income or are not insured, and yet want to benefit from health care.

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