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Menopause: fear or not?

Yielding, otherwise known as climacterium, is a natural process. However, it is often associated with unpleasant symptoms that interfere with everyday life. So how can we counteract menopause?

It's a difficult time for any woman. There are many ways to deal with menopause symptoms depending on how a particular organism responds to a new situation. This period requires a change in habits and lifestyle. And all this to neutralize ailments such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, hyperactivity or sleep problems.

Specialists recommend starting prevention from increasing the amount of exercise, balancing the diet and taking care of moisturizing the whole body. In addition, they propose the use of natural remedies that will help the body to survive this time. Herbs, which are often underestimated on a daily basis, can become a source of significance of better well-being in this difficult phase of life for women.

The evergreen shrub of the immaculate is rich in flavonoids, phytosterols, essential oil, iridoid glycosides, labdane diterpenes and phenolic acids. Although it has no typical hormonal-like compounds, the ingredients contained in its fruits have a good effect on the pituitary gland. She is responsible for the hormonal system, so this plant can be used for menstrual or menopausal problems.

Niepokalanek reduces the frequency of hot seizures, soothes anxiety, irritability and mood swings. What's more, it can even counteract depressive conditions. Additionally, it has a positive effect on the endometrium, reducing the risk of its hypertrophy.

The bedbugs root is equipped with resin, salicylic acid, triterpene and gentian glycosides, as well as estrogenic substances and isoflavones. Thanks to its ingredients, it activates the work of female sex hormones, tones, relaxes and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Triterpene glycosides reduce the frequency of hot seizures, hypersensitivity and mood swings.

For excessively dry skin it is recommended to use borage oil and moisturize the body after bathing with grape seed oil. In case of hypertension problems, a hawthorn infusion or a cordial herb can be used. Women who need an effective way to soothe their nerves can be offered a mix of goat root, St. John's wort and hop cone. For hot flashes, a sage or peppermint infusion should be used.

So many specialists, so many effective ways to deal with menopause symptoms. In addition to natural remedies, many medications are used to stop the symptoms of menopause. There is also a hormone replacement therapy (HTZ), which is designed to "deceive" the body by supplying it with the missing hormones.

However, instead of looking for ways to feel better during the menopause on your own, it is worthwhile to consult a specialist who will propose and recommend the most convenient solution for a particular organism.

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