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Fashionable men's shirts - 5 summer styling ideas

An elegant outfit does not always have to mean a set consisting of a shirt and suit fastened to the neck. You can easily compose an outfit that will look professional, but at the same time will provide free play and comfort. Men's elegant shirts do not have to be kept in subdued colors. Especially in summer hairstyles, it is worth letting your imagination run wild and choosing a model in an intense colour or with an interesting pattern.

Which men's shirts will be fashionable this summer and how to combine them to look professional and at the same time feel comfortable? We offer five reliable stylizations with shirts in the lead role, which will be a perfect combination of elegance and casual.

Raspberry contrast

The business dress code is governed by rigid rules that can be bent from time to time. A trendy men's shirt in an intense colour will add freshness to your style without compromising on professional appeal. Elegant men's shirt in a delicate, raspberry shade, ideally composed with dark brown quinos and suede moccasins maintained in a similar shade. It is worth remembering about tasteful accessories - a leather, brown strap will add style to the set, while a dark, large, leather bag will make the outfit look professional. The whole will create a casual, yet elegant set, ideal for work or business meetings.

Summer look

Men's shirts are perfect for any season of the year. It is a tasteful and universal wardrobe that fits both elegant and casual styling. For summer, a set of blue, fashionable men's shirts with a fine blue pattern and navy blue shorts with impressive, large side pockets will be perfect. All you need to do is to choose navy blue sports shoes with an original accent in the form of red shoelaces and a comfortable, sporty backpack.

Pink romanticism

When you set up a date wardrobe, you can easily find a combination that looks both chic and relaxed at the same time. An elegant men's shirt in a light pink shade is ideal for a less formal meeting. Although this is a more common colour in women's hairstyles, men can also wear it and look good if the rest of the set is skillfully selected. Pink is an excellent alternative to common blue or ubiquitous white. The light pink men's shirt will be perfectly matched by black, fabric trousers and a dark grey jacket with a delicate check. The whole will be perfectly complemented by an original case in an intriguing shade, similar to the color of the shirt.

Close to nature

Choosing the right outfit for a walk in the park or a trip to the forest, you do not have to limit yourself to tracksuits. You can also feel at ease in your men's shirt when you relax in the open air. Checkered model, maintained in the colors of the earth, will perfectly compose with an olive jacket type bomber. It is a reliable and casual clothing duo, perfect for the weekend. All you need to do is wear classic blue jeans and dark trekking shoes and a ready set.

The gallant blue

The office look does not have to be limited to a subdued palette of colours dominated by black. Bright colours will also work well in business outfits, especially in summer when the outside temperature rises sharply. Blue fashionable men's shirt with delicate, navy blue, vertical stripes will look very good in combination with creamy quinos. For this set, it is worth choosing elegant shoes made of brown leather and a leather strap maintained in the same color. The set will ideally complement the capacious black bag, which will accommodate all the most necessary things.

In summer, you don't have to give up elegant men's shirts. All you need to do is buy light and airy models. Men who do not have a strict dress code, can successfully choose copies kept in colorful shades and with delicate patterns. Raspberry, blue, khaki, khaki or decorated with thin stripes or a fine, uniform pattern will be ideal for summer hairstyles.

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