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Strengthening the child's immunity

Autumn and winter is the time when children get the most ill. A cold that an adult body can deal with in 2 days lasts for a week and can develop unexpectedly into bronchitis or pneumonia. How do I take care of my child during this difficult period of the year?

Disease and immunity

After all, the disease in children builds up the ear's immunity. The point is not to deliberately try to infect a child with as many diseases as possible, but to take care of his or her immunity wisely. After every virus that has entered our body, there is a trace of antibodies in the form of antibodies. The next time this or similar germ enters our immune system, it knows how to fight it. We call it "immune memory."

Initial immunity in children is congenital. At the time when they were connected by the umbilical cord to her mother and later, when they were fed her milk, they acquired immunity from her. However, this type of resistance is sufficient for a short period of time. Later, the body has to learn how to fight for its own health. Also, every cold that we have had in our childhood and that our child is going to have now will pay off for the future. This science lasts until the age of 15, until then we should strongly support the body in the process of building immunity.

Resistance also comes from the abdomen!

In order to help children to pass through diseases more smoothly and to support their immune system, we should take care of an appropriate diet. It has been known for a long time that immunity comes from the tummy!

For example, bacteria in our intestines play a special role in the body. When we give a child an antibiotic to help him or her fight the disease, it eliminates both bad and good bacteria. It weakens the body, and the body restores its balance for longer. It is therefore necessary to make sure that probiotics are also included in the diet of the child. These are different strains of lactic acid bacteria. They are found naturally in fermented milk products, but also in silage. If your doctor doesn't mention them when you write a prescription, remember about them yourself. They are available at the pharmacy without a prescription. Additionally, you can try to encourage your child to eat sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers. If your child likes cucumber soup, make it for him or her when he or she is ill. It's not just the broth that heals.

Home remedies for the child's cold

In addition to lactic acid bacteria, honey and raspberries are also helpful in fighting the disease. Warm milk with honey and garlic is a proven way for our grandmothers. Raspberries, on the other hand, contain natural interferon, which effectively combats viruses. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty marine fish also help the body effectively. If your child is not a fan of fish, look for recipes to help encourage them to eat. Omega-3 and 6 also affect the proper functioning of the brain.

Children are reluctant to eat when they are ill and if you want to relax or check their joy you can eat a hamburger or French fries. That's not a good idea. But there's an alternative! You can give the baby ice cream. Seriously! The cold has an analgesic and anaesthetic effect. The ice cream is indicated even after the removal of the tonsils. Of course, it's all reasonable, of course.

Tiring coughing in a child

A child is tired of a persistent cough, and you can't listen to it anymore? There are many home ways to relieve him quickly. One of them is onion and honey syrup. Honey has antiseptic properties and additionally supports immunity. Just pour the sliced onion over with a spoonful of honey and wait for the juice to appear.

The elderberry syrup is a little more labour-intensive. It also requires prior preparation, and without it it bears fruit only once a year. When the time comes, be sure to stock up on ripe fruit. The elderberry is known for its antiviral properties.

However, if your little one spins his nose on onion syrup, you can always go to the pharmacy. Syrups such as Pelavo contain only natural ingredients. The extract from African geranium contained in the syrup will not only help to cough up the secretion, alleviate symptoms and strengthen immunity. This relatively unknown in Poland plant has many medicinal properties. Charles Stevens discovered it in the 19th century and quickly found out that it was an incredibly good cure for the tuberculosis raging at that time. In the course of further experiments it turned out that it is also helpful in other diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. It helps in a natural and non-invasive way to deal with bacteria and viruses, which is especially important when we want to support and not weaken the child's immune system. So that in the future he can fight off all the stubborn microbes himself!

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