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How do I take care of my skin shoes?

Autumn is undoubtedly the time of year when we prefer to reach for covered shoes, which will provide us with warmth and comfort during the first cooler days. The best choice for this period are good quality shoes made of natural leather, which are more elegant and durable than shoes made of artificial materials, and also breathable. However, some of us are wondering how to take care of leather shoes and are afraid that their care is time-consuming and complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth. You only need to buy the right products, such as, for example, leather shoes preservatives, to make sure that with minimum effort our beloved shoes will serve us for a few autumn seasons.

How do I clean my shoes?

This question certainly makes many people sleepless, because nowadays the range of shoe care products available in shops is extremely rich and sometimes it is difficult to choose the right product on one's own. A wide range of products with detailed descriptions such as shampoos, cleaning agents and leather shoe treatments are available online. To answer the question of how to take care of leather shoes, you have to remember that proper care consists of several stages and these are the following:

  • cleaning,
  • pasting,
  • impregnation, and
  • proper storage.

First of all, leather shoes should be cleaned of dust and other dirt with a soft cloth, preferably without the use of water, which can cause discoloration and distortion of the shoes. Heavily soiled leather shoes can be cleaned with a special shampoo for cleaning face leather. Then the shoes should be fastened, but we don't need to use shoe polish. Currently, there are various kinds of leather shoe creams and wax pastes available in shops. Liquid pastes will be useful especially when we want to achieve the desired effect quickly, but once in a while it is good to clean and polish shoes with a traditional paste.

Regardless of whether you opt for a classic paste with a fairly compact consistency, whose application requires the use of a soft cloth, or choose a cream or wax, which are usually available in containers equipped with a convenient sponge for application, after applying the specificity leather shoes should be carefully polished, so that the preparation is evenly distributed. For polishing leather shoes it is best to use a special brush made of natural or synthetic bristles.

shoe polish

Modern leather shoe care products have very rich formulas that not only protect the skin from the harmful effects of water and dirt, but also allow you to hide minor damage and refresh the color. The best solution is to match the colour of the selected product to the colour of the footwear. The range of available products is very wide, from brown in many shades, through grey, to timeless black. However, if we have a few pairs of leather shoes and do not want to collect pastes and creams in different colors, colorless products will be great. They have the same comprehensive protection and care effect, but can also be successfully applied to a variety of leather shoes.

Or and what kind of impregnant for shoes to choose?

In the autumn and winter season, leather preservatives should be obligatory in our homes. Without a doubt, this is a preparation without which we will not provide proper care for our beloved leather shoes. Sprayable leather preservative provides water resistance, protects against moisture and mud penetration, and facilitates the removal of dirt. It is important that the impregnant is used systematically, but it is not required to be applied every time the shoes are cleaned.

Proper storage also helps to take care of your shoes

Keeping shoes properly stored is no less important than cleaning and impregnating them with the right products. Remember never to put your shoes on top of each other, because it causes an equal kind of dents and deformations, which we will not remove with any paste or cream. It is also good to protect the inside of your shoes against bacteria and odours using a special antiseptic.

With these simple tips on how to take care of leather shoes, our beloved shoes will remain elegant and will serve us for a long time. Systematicity is extremely important, as occasional cleaning and impregnation will not do much good. How often leather shoes should be cleaned depends on the weather conditions and our preferences. Everyone should work out their own ritual, so that taking care of shoes is not just an unpleasant duty.

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