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Company security policy and data protection software

The company's security policy is an integrated set of rules that includes both general principles and internal directives relating to security issues. Its importance is best demonstrated by the fact that in an increasing number of economic operators it is no longer just an occasional issue. What is more, the characteristic feature of the company's security policy is that it often takes the form of a separate document binding for all those who find employment in the company and the cooperating entities.

The company's security policy is also distinguished by its forced character. The restrictions associated with it do not have to appeal to everyone, but everyone has to comply with them. Lack of respect for the principles that make up this system may even lead to termination of cooperation, which is further proof that the importance of corporate security is steadily growing.

Information security in the company's security policy

The company's security policy includes, but is not limited to, regulations relating to who can stay in the company, how to move around its most sensitive points and how to use company equipment. However, it can be seen as a sign of our times that the importance of information security is steadily increasing. The theft of a device located on the premises of the company can be severe, as its compensation is often associated with the need to incur significant financial outlays. However, when it comes to data theft, the consequences can be much more serious. Often information has not only financial but also intellectual value, so if it gets into the wrong hands, it can threaten the security and functioning of the company.

Basic principles relating to information security

Each company has its own regulations to ensure the highest possible level of information security. However, although they differ in detail, the basic guidelines remain unchanged. One of the most important things we can say is..:

1. the need to create and store personal data files in order to preserve their identity and distinctiveness

(2) Obligation to destroy immediately and completely obsolete data and data that are no longer applicable by virtue of the purpose for which they were collected.

3. ensuring the security of ICT systems and networks.

Data Protection Software and its Role in the Company

Until recently, when talking about software intended for data protection in a company, the first association was a specialized program. His main tasks were to minimize the activity of spy bots, malware installed by third parties and computer viruses. Today, however, one cannot help feeling that such protection is insufficient. It absolutely cannot be abandoned, because we are still talking about a real threat. However, it seems necessary to enrich it with additional solutions. That's what data protection software is all about.

The choice of such solutions is not insignificant due to the fact that on the Polish market there is no shortage of companies engaged in this type of activity. The main task of such entities is to create software and adapt it to the individual needs of the user. Selecting the best product is never easy, and it is always necessary to consider at least a few of the criteria affecting it.

The scope of possibilities of data protection software comes to the foreground, assuming that we do not always need equally complex solutions. It is also important to be able to adapt the software to the individual needs of the company, as well as technical support, which is useful not only at the stage of implementation of solutions of this type. Not without significance is also the ease of use of the various functions. It is known that even the best solution will not arouse admiration if users will not be able to use it in an intuitive way. It is also worth bearing in mind the financial factor, as we are dealing with solutions that are almost always significant expenditures.

EXO5 - an example of complete data protection software

From the very beginning, EXO5 has been attracting attention for its technological innovation and is one of the few solutions that can be considered complete. The functions that can be performed include: real-time dynamic map location of devices, full encryption of access in accordance with legal requirements, management of mobile devices with their remote blocking, and the ability to conduct an inventory of hardware and software along with status and compliance reports. The program therefore protects your data from misuse and attempted theft by both third parties and employees of the company in which it is used.

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