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When is it worth examining moles?

All skin lesions should be regularly observed, checked for shape or colour. Consult a dermatologist for any worrying change. Even a seemingly mild change can develop into a skin cancer over time.

Are all the moles dangerous?

The pigmented moles, the so-called moles, are found on the skin of almost every person. The average adult has about 10-15 moles. As a rule, these are not dangerous changes, but they must not be underestimated. Even the smallest birthmark can gradually turn into a malignant skin cancer, i.e. melanoma. For this reason, regular self-monitoring of moles and examination of skin lesions by a dermatologist is necessary.

How do you recognize melanoma?

Skin cancer differs in appearance from mild nevi. Melanoma is characterized by:

  • asymmetrical shape,
  • irregular edges (common moles are usually round) and a rough surface,
  • uneven colour,
  • a diameter of more than 5 millimetres,
  • changes - it is disturbing if the birthmark suddenly appeared, changed shape or colour.

The probability of melanoma is also increased if the birthmark itches, bleeds or flakes. Consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Moles: remove or not remove

Contrary to popular myth, all moles can be removed. There are no negative consequences if a mild skin lesion is cut out. It's not true that it could activate the cancer. It's worth removing the moles that are:

  • are exposed to harmful sunlight,
  • can often be irritated by clothing (e.g. shoulder straps, blouses, underwear),
  • they look unsightly.

It is imperative to remove those changes that can transform into skin cancer. An experienced dermatologist is able to distinguish between benign and potentially dangerous lesions.

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