•   Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Climbing wall - a way for general development training

If someone likes to run, they must also remember that general development training will be very important to them. It turns out that running and training your legs alone will not be enough to have good results and avoid problems with injuries. The body must of course be prepared for more activity. We often forget about it and such general exercises are very important.

Climbing wall - how to make impressive effects?

It will be worth doing them on an artificial wall, which will be a good general development exercise and at the same time will be a challenge. Performing subsequent series of tummies at the gym can be tiring and even if it brings good results, we quickly forget about such training. Such exercises are boring, so we stop doing them. We consider the repetition of the series a waste of time. Climbing on the wall is completely different. We are not able to work out such spectacular effects, but at the same time we must remember that such a form of activity is really interesting and gives us many different possibilities. The matter is relatively simple here, namely within such climbing different parts of muscles are involved and then it will be clearly visible, if we pay attention to the effects that such exercises can give us, so it is worth to pay attention to it.

Climbing wall - safety first of all

Although climbing is perceived as an extreme sport, it must be said that it will not be so when it comes to wall climbing. Maybe it is true on rocks or ice, but we do not do such exercises. Here, as long as we keep our common sense and safety rules intact, nothing should happen.

Climbing wall - strong arms and legs

Climbing is a sport for practically everyone, even though if we see people who do it, they are people who have a great figure and are muscular. It can be difficult for overweight people, but it is certainly worth it. The common opinion is that you need to have strong hands, but in practice it is the legs that move the body up and the hands that are supposed to guarantee stability, so it is a bit different than everything else seems.

climbing equipment

Climbing wall - for beginners, advanced and children

If someone wants to climb, they don't really need any equipment. Of course, you should choose comfortable shoes and also some clothes that do not restrict movement. The basic training will cost about 30 zlotys for a dozen or so zlotys and you will be able to climb, also receiving a few zlotys of belaying equipment. If you want to have a course on the walls you have to pay about 200-350 PLN. When it comes to permanent climbing, you can really invest in your own equipment. Of course, you will be able to think about your own equipment if you're already involved in climbing. If you are alone and do not go with a safety net, you can choose boulders with mattresses lined under the wall, which may protect you in case of a fall. Such a solution will be good if we go climbing alone and do not take any safety nets.

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