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How to choose the size of slimming underwear

Is it possible to model your figure in just a few moments - without diet, exercise or sacrifice? As it turns out, yes! You only need to reach for slimming underwear, which (depending on the chosen model) visually slenderizes the waist and legs, models the buttocks or raises the breasts. Properly selected underwear is not only ultra-fine, but also invisible, even under tight clothing.

Slimming lingerie - action

Modern slimming lingerie is a perfect solution for women who appreciate the unique comfort and perfect look every day.

Projects of the best lingerie brands combine not only aesthetics but also functionality. Properly selected slimming underwear not only effectively covers up the imperfections of the figure, but also exposes its most beautiful assets, thus making every woman, regardless of her size, can feel extremely attractive, sexy and sensual.

Depending on the model, underwear of this type:

  • modeling his abdomen,
  • stresses and slenderizes the waist,
  • raises her breasts,
  • ...slimming down your thighs.

Slimming lingerie - a wide range of styles available

High quality modeling underwear is made of stretchy, perfectly adhering to the body and resistant to mechanical damage, so that it perfectly covers unnecessary curves, but at the same time is very comfortable to use.

Depending on the part of the body to be modeled, women can choose from a wide range of options including panties, tops, corsets, dresses and slimming belts.

  • Underpants

The assortment of renowned slimming lingerie manufacturers includes slimming shorts of traditional cut, as well as models with long legs and high condition. They are a great proposition for women who want to quickly and effectively improve the imperfections of the lower parts of the body. The long legs optically slenderise the thighs, giving them a nice, slender shape.

  • Tops

Seamless, sporty modeling tops are a perfect solution especially for amateurs of physical activity. They guarantee full freedom of movement, without the feeling of being bound by underwear, and thanks to properly profiled cups, they ensure perfect shape of the bust.

  • Corsets

Modelling corsets gently shape the silhouette (create a wasp waist), so it takes on feminine, sensual shapes. High-quality corsets are distinguished by their hook-and-loop fasteners, which make it much easier to put on and take off the corset. They should be made of airy materials that ensure free flow of air.

  • Dresses

Slimming dress perfectly corrects the stomach and buttocks, so that the woman can feel attractive and sexy. The additional comfort of use is provided by, among others, adjustable shoulder straps, which can be detached or fastened in a traditional or diagonal fashion. It is perfect for everyday use as well as for big exits, worn under a tight, elegant dress. Renowned brands offer models that are not only perfectly slimming, but also have anti-cellulite properties. Underwear of this type should be comfortable, breathable and not restrict movement.

  • Belts

Slimming belts perfectly correct the abdomen, emphasize and slenderize the waist. They are perfect for under tight dresses and matching blouses. They can be worn on a daily basis as well as on larger exits. In the offers of the best slimming lingerie manufacturers you can find belts that not only shape the silhouette, but also have anti-cellulite properties, enabling effective fight against the so-called "orange peel".

How to choose the size of slimming underwear?

The most important element of the preparation for the purchase is the precise measurement of your current dimensions. When buying underpants, you should measure the circumference of the hips. Ladies who are looking for a slimming belt or half corset should check the waist circumference. In the case of a corset or a body, it is worth measuring the circumference under the bust and in the bust. Only on the basis of the values obtained, it is possible to choose the best size of slimming underwear.

Due to the fact that each lingerie company uses a different size, it is important to compare the dimensions with the tables available on the manufacturers' websites. Never choose undersized underwear - too much pressure on individual parts of the body can cause discomfort, damage to the underwear and even irreversible deformations of the figure.

Silhouette type - what's the best underwear?

Depending on the type of silhouette, some parts of the body should be emphasized, while others should be masked.

  • Apple

The apple-type figure has narrow hips, no clearly marked waist, full breasts and relatively wide shoulders. In this case, the fatty tissue usually accumulates from the waist upwards. Women with this type of silhouette should choose slimming underwear, which will first of all mark the waist nicely, model the belly and beautifully emphasize the breasts. For example, a high-capacity bottom or a slimming body will do particularly well.

  • Pear

Pear-shaped women have narrow shoulders, small breasts, a notch at the waist, but also wide hips and quite massive thighs. In this case, additional fat is usually accumulated from the waist down to the bottom, so we recommend shorts with long legs, for example, which make the thighs look slimmer.

  • Hourglass

Hourglass is the most desirable type of silhouette for women. It is distinguished by quite wide shoulders and hips and a clearly marked notch at the waist. Hourglass ladies usually have problems with excess fat accumulating in the abdomen, hips and thighs. In this case it is best to reach for shorts and slips with a high condition, modeling belts and a body with long legs.

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