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How to stay healthy and feel good in winter?

Winter is a difficult time for our body. Lack of sunlight makes us feel tired, sleepy and sluggish. We are also more nervous and irritable, and we try to improve our mood by reaching for sweets and other fattening snacks.

When it's grey, buro and gloomy outside, we're less likely to leave the house, instead choosing to lie under a blanket with a book and a cup of your favorite tea. We run away from the lack of heat and sunshine in our homes, but such inactivity makes us more susceptible to various diseases and infections, which are not difficult anyway. How to survive winter in good health and with a smile on your face? About this below

1. Like mornings - if you are not one of the few lucky ones whose morning motives come without any difficulty, then ... in winter it will be even harder for you to get up from your bed. Who wouldn't want to spend another 5 or 10 minutes under a warm duvet instead of dressing in a hurry to come out of the cold and frost? The fact that you have to leave your cozy nest is rather impossible to do (you won't quit your job), but you can make the hated mornings at least a little bit likeable. First of all, instead of rushing to look for your things in the morning and going between bathroom, kitchen and living room in the evening, prepare yourself everything you might need in the morning. Second, don't leave the house without breakfast. You can also prepare them in the evening if you don't smile about getting up 5 or 10 minutes earlier to do them. Thirdly, take your time. The fact that you do everything with a watch in your hand, that you meticulously count how much you have to leave, that you curse in your mind the time that runs the fastest in the morning, does not benefit your health or well-being. Stand up 10-15 minutes earlier and do everything you have to do. Drink your favorite coffee without hurrying, turn on the music that will give you energy, do everything to leave home in a good mood, because a good morning is the best recipe for a successful day.

2. dress appropriately to the weather - this seemingly banal advice can protect you from cold or flu. In winter you should dress reasonably warm, but here too you can not go to extremes, because overheating of the body will not serve him either. Make sure that our clothes are made of natural materials and do not increase sweating. How to dress in winter? It is best to "have onions", because not only the clothes themselves, but also the air layer between them protect us against cold and cold. It is worth investing in warm, waterproof shoes on thick soles and waterproof clothing. The last obligatory item on our "clothing list" is a hat, scarf and gloves. Without them, it is better not to leave home - the most heat escapes through the head, hands can easily frost off, and the lack of a scarf can end up with tonsillitis, sore throat or other complications. Also avoid getting wet, which makes you cool down 25 times faster than when your clothes are dry.

Wrap yourself in...warmth - drink a lot of warming drinks, find out (if you haven't eaten them yet) about hot and nutritious soups, try tea with honey, lemon and ginger, from time to time you can also afford mulled wine. If you want to protect your body from infections, introduce natural antibiotics such as honey and garlic into your diet. To warm up, it is also worth going to fitness, aerobics or dance, because nothing adds energy like a good dose of exercise. If you are already frozen, warm up with hot tea, e.g. raspberry or cranberry tea and a warm meal. Under no circumstances should you heat up with alcohol, as this will make the natural mechanism preventing heat loss cease to work. A good (and pleasant) way to warm up is to have a hot bath.

4. eat healthily - you have heard this before, but this thought remains valid even in winter. There is no denying that what we eat and how often we provide our bodies with food has a significant impact on our health and well-being.

5. get some sleep - you may not always be able to spend as much time as you would like or as much time as your body needs, but a healthy and long enough sleep is essential. When we don't sleep, we are more nervous, irritable, consume more food, and are more susceptible to disease. Therefore, before we go to bed, let's try to relax, forget about problems and ventilate the room before going to bed. If we have such a possibility it is worth to go for at least a short walk, because when we oxygenate the body, we will certainly not have a problem with falling asleep.

Go out to people you like - all the above tips will not be worth much if we feel alone. For our well-being (not only in winter!) it is also necessary to have contact with other people. So instead of complaining about the winter, go out with your friends to ice-skating, to the cinema or to your favorite pub. Life consists of small things: a smile of a loved one, a morning drink of coffee, beautiful bedding in which we go to sleep, a gift given without occasion to someone close, good and warm words ... all this can improve the mood better than a bar of chocolate and warm up more than an evening by the fireplace.

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