•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

We're buying the perfect bathtub for the house.

Many people think that buying the perfect bathtub for their home is a very simple task - but in practice it turns out that it can cause us some problems. The main difficulty is, contrary to appearances, the fact that we are now going to encounter very diverse models on the market.

The currently available bathtubs differ in shape, size and price - these are the three factors we must take into account to the greatest extent, otherwise we will not be able to find anything good. In order to find the perfect bathtub, we must first of all know where we are planning to install it; only in this way will we determine what shape we should choose. There is also a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing the colour of our bathtub.

Although practically all the models available in stores are white, many manufacturers will make something interesting for us on an individual basis - although of course we have to take into account the slightly higher prices. If we want to ensure a really high level of comfort in everyday use of such a bathtub, it is worth choosing a model with a profiled seat and armrests.

A very important addition to such a bathtub is also a non-slip bottom, especially useful in situations when children and elderly or disabled people are to use it. The bathtubs currently available on the market can be divided according to their shape, among other things. These are asymmetrical, symmetrical, oval and round bathtubs. Due to the way of installation, we can distinguish free-standing, corner, wall and built-in bathtubs. In order to choose the right solution, we must pay particular attention to the dimensions of our bathroom.

How to choose a bathtub?

The manufacturers of the bathtubs described above include SANPLAST, AQUAFORM, CERSANIT, KOŁO. They offer mainly acrylic bathtubs of various shapes. Their offer includes a wide range of asymmetric bathtubs and housings. Bathtubs of quite complicated shapes are usually made of acrylic because it is a plastic material and can be freely bent.

Acrylic is light, nice and warm to the touch, so if someone does not like to enter the cold tub and prefers complex, ergonomic shapes will be pleased with the purchase of acrylic bathtub. Apart from asymmetrical bathtubs, they also produce rectangular bathtubs, which will appeal to lovers of classics and modern design. Such bathtubs are also suitable for small bathrooms when they are placed with two edges against a wall.

The manufacturers of rectangular bathtubs also include ROCA. In its offer, as far as rectangular bathtubs are concerned, we can find mainly steel and cast iron bathtubs. Fans of classic solutions should be interested in them. Cast iron bathtubs keep the water warm for a long time, but they are heavy.

Bathroom arrangement


Nowadays, many people decide to install a shower in the bathroom, because it is an aesthetic and very practical solution. However, here too, there is a choice between a traditional panel or a rain shower. The difference lies in the way of installation, because the sprinklers are mounted right under the ceiling. The discrepancy also appears in the costs, namely the rain shower absorbs more water than a traditional shower, but the costs are inadequate for the pleasure and satisfaction of the time spent in the shower.

To ensure customer satisfaction, bathroom equipment manufacturers have combined both solutions to create shower headsets with a handset. However, in order for this alternative to work one hundred percent better, you should check the water pressure in your home before you buy it, as it is essential for the proper functioning of both the sprinkler and the headset.

The decisive argument for choosing a traditional shower or showerhead should be the bathroom design. The latter solution will perfectly fit into the modern arrangement of a large, modern bathroom. It will look particularly impressive when installed in a specially designed recess or glass shower cubicle.

Of course, sprinkler installation is also possible in a traditional cabin, but then you can lose sight of the aesthetics. In order to meet customer requirements, manufacturers offer a wide range of products for bathroom equipment, so everyone can find something for themselves. Among them there are independent rain showers, but also combined with a traditional hand shower.

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