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The Scandinavian style in your apartment - all you need to know about it

Fashion for Scandinavia is at its best. Despite the fact that all the countries of this geographical area are thoroughly European, due to the harsh climate, specific attitude to reality and mentality, they differ significantly from other countries on our continent. This is reflected in many aspects of life, including the Scandinavian style. It concerns the approach to interior design, design and materials used. Many people would like to decorate Scandinavian interiors in their own homes, because they consider them simple, practical and subdued, but at the same time discreetly elegant and stylish. How to arrange a Scandinavian-style apartment? Here's a handful of tips.

Scandinavian interiors - a return to nature

The Scandinavians were masters at using what nature offered them. This also applies to the Scandinavian style. The interiors are finished with the most valuable raw material of those regions, i.e. wood. This is the material used to make floors, furniture and decorative elements. It is also very important for the raw material to be as close as possible to its original state. Wood in the Scandinavian style should therefore have clearly marked rings and other natural imperfections that only emphasize the uniqueness of the interior. It should also be remembered that Scandinavians have a very practical approach to reality - they value the appearance and quality of natural wood, but are aware that it is a more expensive material than others. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of using good quality panels imitating natural wood instead of parquet or planks on the floor.

In addition to wood, Scandinavian interiors also like to use other natural materials - both for finishing and decoration. It can be stone, leather or fabrics such as cotton, linen or jute, which is everything that in the past could be created or found in the immediate surroundings.

Scandinavian style apartment - clear and bright

The further north, the shorter the days are - sunlight is a scarce commodity and must be used as efficiently as possible. This is why Scandinavian interiors are dominated by white or other bright colours. Such a choice of colours makes even in less sunny rooms more visible, and thus also more cosy. The maximum use of natural light is also influenced by the windows. In Scandinavian interiors they are large and exposed. Instead of heavy and dark curtains, it is better to use light curtains in natural shades of beige or grey. Similar colors should be found throughout the house - both in finishing elements and furniture. Thanks to this, besides the effect of greater sunlight, the interior will seem more fresh and clean. Do not be afraid of sterility - this effect can be easily minimized with appropriate accessories and decorations.

Furniture in a Scandinavian interior - especially practical

A lot has been said and written about Scandinavian design, but it all boils down to a few really simple rules. First of all, practicality - furniture and other everyday objects are supposed to improve the comfort of our lives, which means that their functionality should be the most important. Even the most beautiful armchairs will not fit into a Scandinavian-style apartment unless they are comfortable and enjoyable to use. According to the Scandinavians, furniture and other household appliances are for people, not the other way around. The second basic principle is minimalism, according to which you have to limit the number of items you own to a reasonable minimum. It is better to focus on the quality of workmanship and materials of the highest quality than quantity. The third principle is simplicity - the objects that surround the residents of a Scandinavian-style apartment should be aesthetic, well-designed, but at the same time not too much ornamented and without unnecessary additions. What counts is harmony and rather subdued style, because in Scandinavian interiors the most important is the atmosphere and enjoyable spending time with family or friends, rather than a museum decor full of splendour and excessive chic.

Scandinavian interior decoration

Reading about the Scandinavian style so far, one can get the impression that the interiors are raw and devoid of decorative elements. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a Scandinavian style apartment you can afford a lot of different decorations and accessories, but you must remember that they are meant to be accents that will enliven the interior, but not dominate them. Cold and raw spaces can be breathed into the spirit with the help of vivid colours of blankets, bedspreads and pillows in geometric patterns. This effect can also be achieved with green plants, which will feel very good in bright and bright rooms.

Bright walls will blend well with the contrasting poster in the frame. Just as well, to emphasize the cozy atmosphere, you can hang family photos, which will remind you of pleasant, common moments. When choosing a decoration for a Scandinavian interior you should always remember that less is more - more accessories will not always mean that the interior is more aesthetic.

Scandinavian style - interiors for the household members

When deciding on the Scandinavian style at home, you have to remember that the most important thing in it is... the householder. His needs, his comfort, his sense of aesthetics. Everything in the apartment - from furniture, through finishing to accessories - should make it a pleasure to spend time there. Because a Scandinavian-style apartment should above all be conducive to relaxation and well-being.

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