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How to care for natural skin accessories?

Natural leather products require special care. Carefully cleaned, they will serve for years without losing their beauty, and even gain a noble appearance. It is therefore worthwhile to get acquainted with the types of leather, its specificity and the method of its care. All types of leather must be protected from the sun and too high humidity. Ideally, temperatures of about 5-15 degrees Celsius will be ideal. Properly cared for skin lasts a long time and looks good.

Natural face leather

Veneering is a mechanical treatment in which the skin is exposed to the appropriate temperature and covered with waxes that give it a smooth shape. These are usually goat, cattle, lamb, calf and calf skins, and also not very popular leather from horseback, called cordovan. A characteristic specific to face skin is subjecting to aging processes. On the surface of the leather, there are cracks, streaks of dirt (which is extremely difficult to remove from the skin), deep dust. It is worth to foresee this earlier and immediately after the purchase to protect the skin with appropriate materials for impregnation. Thanks to this, its life will be much longer. You should also remember to lubricate regularly. The skin absorbs fat, making it more elastic and durable.


It is the most resistant type of leather, formerly used in the manufacture of upholstery products, nowadays also in leather goods. This skin is impregnated, varnished and smooth. It is characterized by high resistance to dirt and moisture. How do I take care of him? Dirt can be wiped off with a soft cloth soaked in a special agent for blasting. This is extremely important because this skin type does not tolerate fat. Such simple treatments restore softness of the skin and remove small traces of use.

Chamois leather and nubuck

The difference between these often confused types of leather lies in the side of the leather used. The suede is prepared from the machined underside, while the nubuck is prepared from the top. Suede usually has long hair, nubuck - very short. In the case of products with nice to the touch and aesthetic suede or nubuck, it is necessary to remember to protect against water. These skins easily get dirty and damp, losing their value irretrievably. Varnish-based products and a toothbrush for rough leather will be useful, as you should often brush your bristles with them. Many people limit themselves to protecting and taking care of their shoes or handbags, while wallets also require these treatments.

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