•   Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What's the domain for the company?

A domain is a web address that Internet users enter into a search engine to get to a website. It consists of a domain name and an extension. The Internet domain should be associated with the company profile and easy to remember.

Domain related to the company

The owner of the website is responsible for, among other things, server administration and selection of the content, graphics and domain name of the website, i.e. the Internet address consisting of the domain name and extension. The domain name should be simple and easy to use and remember. It is best if it is related to the profile of business activity or the type of website. Thanks to this, Internet users will receive a consistent
a message informing about what content is on our website. Choosing a chosen domain has a promotional potential and is the first step to the company's existence on the Internet.

Domain extension

The domain name must also be matched by an extension. The most popular ending of the Internet address in Poland is .pl a in Europe. You can also choose from functional extensions such as: .com.pl, .net.pl, regional extensions such as: .waw.pl, krakow.pl and global extensions such as: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz - for companies operating on a large scale. Domain extensions should be selected according to the type of enterprise, e.g. .com is intended for companies operating on the commercial market, and .org for organizations.

Purchase of a domain

An Internet domain can be purchased from the primary market, either from domain registration companies or from the aftermarket, from the former domain owner. The price of a domain depends on the chosen extension and the rates applicable in the company registering the domain. Please note that when you buy a domain you do not gain it for eternity. After one year of using the address, you should prolong the use of the domain and pay for it again.

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